Sins of omission by the SDWC. Sorry, I missed that one.

A former South Dakotan who is nowup in ND pointed out that I omitted the fact that this is the second go around for Ted Klaudt and Ken Wetz. Back in 2000, they faced each other when District 28 was broken apart.

As Homer Simpson would say, “Doh!” I completely missed that one. 2000 had me attending to family affairs and my mom’s declining health, so I didn’t pay attention to anything outside of local politics. This race just went right by me.

My ND reader was right as rain that they had faced before, and had the clipping to prove it. And what a clipping it was. Ted not only won that race, he destroyed Ken Wetz, 64 to 36%.

For some great background on the whole thing, click on the image of the article from the Rapid City Journal to read it.

And thanks again for the article!


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