Maybe Bob can be the One-Star General in charge of Agricultural Affairs

Two-Star General Jailer-in-Chief Bill Stegmeier of Tea explained himself and his measure a bit today in the Rapid City Journal. And at the same time, also brought out an interesting fact about Bob Newland’s Medical Marijuana Petition.
Amendment E and Stegmeier himself has been the subject of repeated and harsh criticism from state lawmakers in recent weeks.

The South Dakota campaign received assistance from Gary Zerman, a California lawyer.

And Stegmeier hired a company from Nevada to run the petition drive. But 95 percent of the paid petition carriers came from South Dakota, Stegmeier said.

Some of those same workers are now circulating petitions for an effort by Bob Newland of Hermosa to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, Stegmeier said.
(Read it all here) Maybe we’ll see it on the ballot after all. As of February 8th, the petition signature count was at 7407 on So, it's pretty apparent if they want to get the job done, it's time for a fixer. So Bob is paying. What's the going rate for signatures nowadays? According to the website -
What's in petition circulation for me?

Send in the notarized sheets on which you have obtained at least 200 valid signatures.

We'll send you a 55% hemp (45% cotton) t-shirt with the 1%-er graphic at right. Along with a check for $50.

Want to get someone else's 1%, as well?
For the second 200 signatures, we'll send you $100.
For the third 200; $150.
For 601-800 signatures; $200. 801-1000; $250.
(If you get 1000 signatures, you will have earned a total of $750.)
For valid signatures in excess of 1000, we will pay you $1.25 each.
Although, political collectors might be more interested in the premium for anyone who turns in 650 or more signatures on notarized sheets by Labor Day, 2005, A poster picturing Governor Rounds talking about rodeo, and former Governor Janklow talking about what drugs do to young girls.

And the campaign season rolls on.


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