BREAKING NEWS: Volesky says he’s out of the race

Ron Volesky announced today in the Huron Daily Plainsman that he’s out of the race. The Huron City Commission race that is. (What race did you think I was talking about? Silly goose.)
Ron Volesky said Thursday that he won’t seek a second three-year term on the Huron City Commission in the April Election.

“It was an honor to work with others on the commission in helping to build our city’s future,” he said.
Also in the Plainsman today, Joshua Haeder of Huron has announced that he’s running for District 22 House on the Republican Ticket against Haley and Hargens. Josh is also the advisor for the Beadle County TARS.

Welcome to the game Josh, and congrats to Ron for his City Commission service. I might have issues with his aspirations, but I can't fault him for serving.


MRO said…
PP- Now Josh is a contender I can get excited about! He's got some spunk behind him. Mark my words that Josh will put together one heck of a grassroots team.

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