Anti DM&E people, don't hold back. Tell us what you really think.

This is in this morning's Pierre Newspaper.

"Our representatives, the Governor, the Mayor, and congressional delegations have been less than truthful......"
Nothing like calling the state's top elected officials a bunch of liars to start off the day.

And I didn't notice it until I was folding the paper back up, but I see the ad right above it is an advertisement for a local firm doing public relations.

Maybe the two should hook up? It sounds like one needs the other.


Brock Greenfield said…
Looks to me like the governor needs the public relations firm.
Anonymous said…
Damgard is Janklow's right hand man
Deputy Dawg said…
Why does DM&E need a public relations firm when its lobbyist John Thune sits in the U.S. Senate? And while we're on that subject, how in the hell does Janklow, a disgraced felon, and Daschle, thrown out of office while serving as Democratic Senate Leader, have ANY pull to tear down the DM&E payoff? Why not blame John Thune for being the pretty gelding he truly is in our U.S. Senate?

When he was in the House, Thune badly dropped the ball on helping the Lewis & Clark project from moving forward. That was because he was slow and lazy. Apparently, he still is.

How much are they paying his crack Senate staff?
Anonymous said…
How in the world is Pierre going to handle 1000 temporary workers? Who is going to benefit from their presence? I suspect a small group of slum lords. How much assistance will Pierre request from the state for "impact money"? Isn't that a further subsidy to a railroad that is going to destroy the city? What a joke.
Anonymous said…
O for gosh sakes people!
SD doesn't know what it would be like to have a set of GOOD Railroad Tracks.
DME yes has problems and people should look at the grade of trains they use. Neither side is problem free. But SD doesn't have much to choose from when it comes to the dollars we can generate for development and to better our state.
I am not saying we should go with just anything. But for such a low populated stated we need money to run the state, pay workers, and better the state.
People need to work together instead of building cement walls between them.
I am sure that i will be blasted for making such statements.
Anonymous said…
Keep SD in the horse and buggy days thats right.
Anonymous said…
1:32 You are right on!!
Anonymous said…
Marshall Damgaard - note the misspelling in the ad - is a former Janklow chief of staff and current Rochester Coalition/Mayo Clinic "researcher" who makes big $$ attacking those he is hired to attack. Somebody needs to him to disclose his bias and paymaster.
Anonymous said…
I'm a resident of Pierre and not a huge fan of the DM&E project bringing 35 trains a day through town. I'm also not a fan of Kevin Schiefer and trust nothing the man says. HOWEVER, it is not up to the people of Pierre to make the decision of how many trains will come through our community.

The trains will come if DM&E decides it is a good business decision and they can get the remaining 1/3 of private funding for the $6 billion project.

Pierre needs to be parepared for whatever might come. We have a community agreement with DM&E that holds the railroad accountable for funding of certain things. Brookings has already shot itself in the foot with the vote to drop their community agreement. They have basically burned their bridge to negotiate anything. And it will not stop the trains from coming.

If the trains are going to come, let's make lemonaid out of the lemons and try to get the best possible deal for Pierre. Otherwise we get nothing but 35 coal trains a day going through town.

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