Since the Iraq protesters are much like the Vietnam Protesters....

A Vietnam Veteran friend of mine was mentioning to me today that the war protesting he's seeing today are exectly like the Vietnam protests were for him way back then. In some occasions, such as Jane Fonda, they are the exact same people protesting.

So, for this friend, I'm going old school tonight and dipping in my button collection to bring a blast from the Vietnam Era past - McGovern Pins (as well as a Kit Bond pin)


William said…
I think SD political memorabilia collectors need to organize a swap meet soon! AU H2O 4 ever =|;)
mhs said…
My dad found researching one of his books that there were 57 different McGovern for President pins authorized by the campaign. Very, very few collectors can claim more than a handful, as far as I've ever seen.
Gene Abdallah said…
Yes, the protesters are exactly the same, even down to the exact same people, like me, who, 40 years ago, did not believe that a country could make people stop being communists by dropping hot exploding things on them from the air.

I also believe that a country can make people stop being Muslims by dropping hot exploding things on them. Muslims, however, might be able to make a country stop meddling in their day-to-day lives by putting hot exploding things in its soldiers beds as they sleep in the houses they have stolen from the Muslims.
Anonymous said…
gene:line 1, paragraph 2: don't you mean "can't make"? Also, do you really mean US soldiers steal houses from Muslims? Do you advocate killing US soldiers?
Gene Abdallah said…
Yes, I meant "can't make".

US forces usurp whatever facilities they think they need. In most cases they probably pay for houses they annex.

My opinion is irrelevant, as is yours. The killing is ongoing.

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