Republicans supporting presidential candidates in the Argus Leader

Dave Kranz has a story in today's Argus regarding who former Republican convention goers might be supporting in the latest go around for president. How does it break down from those attending the conventions?
Jerry Rubendall - (2004 convention) - McCain, but might switch
Sue Peterson - (2000 convention) - Huckabee, but "believes McCain is a conservative too."
Randy Frederick (2004 Convention) - Romney. "The two front-runners may be Rudy Giuliani and Romney. Not sure McCain is a player anymore."
Allan Unruh - (I believe he's been to a couple) - An anti-abortion conservative candidate.
Read it here.

This really shows that no one person is emerging as a favorite here in SD. And I think that's reflected nationally. Some conservatives want Newt to jump in, but others (including myself) think he might have too much baggage at this point. No one is solidifying the base.

That's why I'd like to see hoping Fred Thompson jump in at this point. And I'm not the only one. Check out this snippets included with a column from Real Clear Politics on the possibilities:

Thompson, who was also a Watergate prosecutor, had previously discouraged suggestions he run. But he is now considering the race, amid indications his conservative record combined with a blue-collar, pickup-truck appeal, to independents and moderate Democrats might make him the right guy at the right time.

If he runs -- at least on paper -- Thompson has the potential to win the Republican nomination and the White House, unlike the other non-front-runners, who for one reason or another appear unlikely to make the cut as presidential material.


If Thompson runs, look for conservatives to rally around him in an effort to save their party from Rudy Giuliani or John McCain , and the country from Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. They like his 90-plus rating as a senator from the American Conservative Union almost as much as the zero he received from the liberal Americans for Democratic Action.


Thompson's candidacy is intriguing to some because of his potential to appeal to independents and moderate Democrats, like McCain and Giuliani. But unlike they, his background and charisma could fire up the GOP base, which is searching for a champion. He'll get to audition for them in the coming weeks when he fills in for ABC Radio's Paul Harvey, whose show is a staple for conservatives.

Go read that all here.

Maybe - just maybe - those voters and other former delegates such as me (PP- 2004 convention) might get a Republican we feel we can get behind and win with, as opposed to simply settling.

Who's with me?


Anonymous said…
Name the last old bald man elected president?
Both Giuliani and Thompson have this problem.
America will not elect an old bald man from the South in the television era. Just isn't going to happen. Doesn't matter what his ideology is.

The other problem is that the Republican party doesn't have an ideology. The anti-abortion and fundamentalist christians factions have taken over the party.

Answer to the question is Eisenhower. His election can be attributed to his status as a war hero. Fred Thompson doesn't have that. Guiliani might due to 9/11
Anonymous said…
Sign me up for Thompson! I like Guiliani and think he would be good, but don't know if he'd win with his anti-gun, pro-abortion stances.

I don't care if he has hair or not. He looks and sounds presidential, which is something in this day and age, considering Hillary's rants on the ohter side.
Ike said…
I was just telling a co-worker that I wanted Thompson to run. I think he'd be great. And he could win California - which is now THE primary election any candidate must win. He's the only possible candidate that doesn't look like a used car salesman (both parties).
Tammy said…
I'm on board. Where do I sign up to start stuffin' envelopes?

Solid, stands for something.

Acts Presidential.

Sounds like he knows the difference between caving and compromise.

He has all other serious contenders beat by a long way.

And YES 12:54pm the Republican Party does have an ideology.
It IS Prolife and Conservative--always has been and would like to remain so--read the platforms back to Reagan days! (or aren't you that old??)
Patti Martinson said…
Fred might have a chance, given that he's got credibility the others haven't got and he doesn't get bogged down by the pro-life, anti-gay, social conservative side of the GOP, which seems to have a death grip on the GOP as a party. Any other conservative ideology is pretty much left in the dust. When has the GOP platform been anything but to metaphorically 'kill all the gays'? You have every other GOP candidate fellating the mucky-mucks like Dobson.
Anonymous said…
PP: I like the idea, but I would like to know more about him. Could you help with that task, as this is my primary political news source.

I've been reading Newt's new book Winning the Future. He's great, but I think you have a point, PP.

My favorite is Haley Barbour, but I see on his web site he's running for re-election as Governor of Mississippi. Boy, if we only had a governor with one-tenth the brains and balls as that guy!
Anonymous said…
Hey Anon 11:15 - you might want to think about expanding your political news base a bit. PP does a nice job, but his page is hardly comprehensive. Think about or - a good overview every day.
Lee Schoenbeck said… is the unofficial web site. They just announced today that two Tenn congressman are heading up his exploratry committee.
lexrex said…
thompson is good but let's not be so quick to crown him king-conservative.

he actually has an 86 lifetime conservative rating from the ACU, not 90-plus, as the realpolitics article says. (is it really that hard for columnists to look up a stupid website to check their facts?)

in comparison, mccain is only 4 points worse -- 82. brownback is a 94. george allen a 93. thune is an 88 -- that low because of his scores in the 80s during his house term (he was only one of 5 senators to score a perfect 100 this year).

thompson's kinda soft on the gay marriage issue, but most of the senate is, so it's hard to judge him on that. he voted for mccain-feingold. some questions about his immigration stance. he hedged a bit on the gas tax question.

let's just wait a little bit before we all jump on his bandwagon.
Anonymous said…
Poor Allen Unruh just can't find the right candidate. Finally when someone is conservative enough (Brownback) he turns out to be Catholic. Poor Allen Unruh. What's a guy to do?
Anonymous said…
I wonder who the angel Moroni thinks should be President?

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