The J.A.I.L.ers are still harping on their South Dakota loss. The latest? It's the fault of foreign powers.

I should put a disclaimer on this stuff that "I read it, so you don't have to."

The Ron Branson Judicial Accountability crew are still being big crybabies over their loss to normal South Dakota citizens who didn't like the bill of goods that the "B.S. and the Californians" were trying to sell us. And now they seem to have a good reason why they lost in South Dakota.

Tonight, I'm happy to inform you that we are under the control of a foreign power:
In a continuing quest to inform the People about J.A.I.L., we discuss more on the Foreign Power that has usurped government and controls the People under absolute despotism. The importance of becoming aware of this Foreign Power (a power foreign to our Constitution) came to light after J.A.I.L. was effectively ousted from the South Dakota 2006 election by keeping the voters ignorant of the truth about the J.A.I.L. Amendment, allowing them to read only the fraudulent misrepresentation of the Amendment propagated on the ballot by the State Attorney General. Only a power foreign to the state and federal Constitutions could such a stunt be pulled off in contravention of the People's right to vote in a clean election, specifically their right to alter their form of government as they deemed necessary for their future security. Where are we when the People are no longer permitted to assert their will by their vote?

Although we currently have proof of its operation only in South Dakota, we know that the Foreign Power is not limited to South Dakota alone. In fact, one of the emissaries of the South Dakota Foreign Power, Attorney Tom Barnett, the Director of the SD Bar Association, was sent to Florida to poison the minds of that state's Bar, tutoring them "how to" in defeating the J.A.I.L. Amendment in the near future, boasting of the propaganda ploys pulled off "successfully" in South Dakota.

As a result, the People there, and throughout this nation, must be informed of the truth of the matter so they can take appropriate action, which is their duty to do, to throw off such counterfeit regime. J.A.I.L. is the only way it can be done, and the enemy knows it-- that's why they are so scared to death of J.A.I.L. that they will go to absolutely any lengths to prevent its passage anywhere in the country, including bringing in the oil cartels, banking institutions, and the nation's multi-billion dollar insurance industries, which form a significant part of that Foreign Power.
Watch out for the black C.I.A. helicopters and read all about it here.

And if we're under the control of a foreign power I hope it's either Japan, or Germany. If it's Japan, we might get a shot at all the cool electronics first. As for Germany? Even Homer Simpson knows it's the land of chocolate...

Sorry. Mocking them along with Homer Simpson is as seriously as I can take the J.A.I.L. people. Although, apologies to Homer. If he weren't a cartoon figure, I'm sure he'd be insulted.


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