The Politico provides confirmation of the Herseth Wedding, as well as details

The Politico website, a politically oriented tome (obviously), is noting details as well as claiming staff confirmation of Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth's impending wedding vows:
Herseth's camp -- no doubt busy with last-minute alterations and such -- tells us it's true: "Yes, she's getting married next weekend to former Congressman Max Sandlin. They are getting married in Brookings, South Dakota, among a small group of family and friends."

In case you're wondering, since she's Lutheran and he's Baptist, the wedding's at the Lutheran church.

As you may recall, Herseth met Sandlin, a former representative from Texas, when he became her campaign mentor in 2002. They started dating a year later. She's 36. He's 58.

The reception, we hear, will take place downtown on Main Street at Fellowship Hall.
Read it all here.


Anonymous said…
Enough already,give it a rest!
Anonymous said…
Do you suppose the children will be attending?
12:08 is that you Russ?
Anonymous said…
how about Sandlin's grandkids....they'd make great flower girls and ring-bearers, no?
nicholas Nemec said…
I agree with anon 12:08. Good for them! Give it a rest PP. Or are you trying to drum up some kind of weird right wing wacko College Republican demonstration.

Your "coverage" of this "issue" is starting to get stalker like. Just don't let us find out that you spent your weekend in Brookings driving around the block hoping to get a photo of the couple.
PP said…
Guys, I'm reporting it because the MSM will not. And I have no intention of pestering them. I hope they have a nice ceremony, and I won't be anywhere near it.

I'm just confirming that my sources were correct. I'd get grumbled at if I didn't.
Anonymous said…
GOOD FOR YOU PP---the idiots in the liberal media just want to protect her...

the same week she's voting to stab the troops in the back she's frolicking around marrying a rich lobbyist
Anonymous said…
when will they free the "Argus 16"????????


Beverly said…
the only ones who don't want this discussed are Democratic operative Nicholos Nemec and Russ Levsen posting seems that everyone else wants to know!!!

why is the Argus Leader protecting her??
Anonymous said…
How is it "protecting" her to not cover her wedding like a news story? If the Argus was covering the wedding, you'd all be screaming that it's all fluff and more evidence of liberal bias at the Argus.

I suppose my case of athletes foot is also the Arugs' fault...
Anonymous said…
I'll bet you ANYTHING that the press covers this story. It's not appropriate to print the time, location, etc. of a private family event. But there will be a story or two written about the fact that she's married. There's just nothing to write about yet... jeez, people...
Anonymous said…
will she go by stephanie herseth Sandlin
or herseth-Sandlin
or stephanie sandlin
or will it remain Stephanie Herseth
Anonymous said…
I'll bet that elderly dude is changing his name. I wonder whether his kids and grandkids will do the same.
Anonymous said…
yo, Old Dude!

will you have another 5 kids with Stephanie?
Anonymous said…
At least the MSM shows evidence of a brain cell or two. No wonder South Dakota has such a reputation for being a red state, especially its neck.
Anonymous said…
Powers, again you must be proud of the intelligence of your readership.

Anon 1:20 -- that is the stupidest, and I mean stupidest, comment ever. The Argus is "hiding evidence"?

Turn off the caps lock, rationalize your inner thoughts, and write intelligible stuff.
Anonymous said…
No way she'll drop Herseth - that's what got her elected. Her qualifications for elective office included her grandfather Ralph Herseth, her grandmother Lorna Herseth, and her dad R. Lars Herseth.
nicholas Nemec said…
I've got to hand it to you Pat you really know how to get the wingers stirred up. They're starting to sound like a pack of Lhasa Apsos going after the mailman when he slides the mail through the slot.

There can't be any wedding photos because, according to your own source, she hasn't been married yet. I'm sure there will be some sort of announcement after the wedding has taken place.

You wingnut Republicans are never happy with anything Rep. Herseth does. When she was first running for Congress all the Internet hacks and anonymous commentators were spreading bogus rumors that she was a lesbian. Or so the wingnut logic went, after all she was in her mid 30's and unmarried.

Now that she is getting married you're mad because the photos haven't been released for publication prior to their being taken. Herseth is doing a good job representing South Dakota in Congress but even I don't think she has figured out a way to overcome the whole space time continuum thing.
Anonymous said…
How about the Larry Dietrich divorce somebody brought up. Is that really true? If so, that's a big story. Why is the Argus and the MSM covering it up?

PP's a sleuth. He'll pick up where the MSM leaves off.
Anonymous said…
I am really hoping for some good pictures of all of these sorts of events. And PP is the best of the bloggerazzi out there, so I think it's damn convenient this allegedly forthcoming wedding to the old schmuck is going to be in Brookings.
Anonymous said…
to: Nicholas Nemec

You are behind the times. A long post when you know not what all have been talking about.

The pics were listed on the Argus Leader for a party for Herseth, maybe an engagement party. Now the pics have disappeared.

So maybe you own PP and many others an appology. I have not read any posting from "weird right wing wack's" as you stated.
Anonymous said…
The Diedrich's are getting divorced??? this true?
jill said…
The Princess and Old Balls.

what a pair.

they're selling out the country

and nobody seems to care

p.s. who will get the bottom of the argus leader COVER UP???
People's Libby said…
Even paranoids have enemies. I'm one of them.
Anonymous said…
It is true that the Diedrich's are getting divorced. Larry moved out of the house and in with he girlfriend ON CHRISTMAS DAY. This is obviously not admirable behavior, but I think we can all see why the MSM would choose to cover the Herseth wedding and not the Diedrich divorce. Their careers have taken, shall we say, different turns.
PP said…
Guys, come on. Pointing out that Stephanie is getting married (mainly in a tongue-in-cheek manner) is much different than someone else's ending. Give them some respect and room.
Anonymous said…
Isn't diedrich one of those family values republicans?

His getting divorced and running off with another woman would be newsworthy now wouldn't it.

Anyone actually have confirmation on this besides rumor?
nicholas Nemec said…
Anon 10:04PM

The page PP captured and posted listed "Herseth Wedding". Not "Herseth Party" or "Herseth Engagement Party". There can't be any wedding photos because there hasn't been a wedding yet. After the wedding I'm sure there will be an announcement. Personally I don't have a need to see any wedding photos. Speculation of, and demand for, party pictures or bachelorette pictures is simply voyeuristic weirdness.

As for your not reading any posts from weird right wing wackos I guess it depends on where you stand. Calls to protest her wedding and reception have been posted here on DWC. In my book that qualifies as weird right wing wacko behavior. I predict if anyone is stupid enough to carry out such a demonstration they will get their 15 min of fame but that fame will blow up in their face, and will not advance their cause but rather produce sympathy for Rep. Herseth.

But if you want to try it, be my guest. The First Amendment guarantees your right to peaceful assembly so just don't get too rowdy.
Anonymous said…
Nic 8:03
I still believe that you have two different postings joined.
This is one about the upcoming wedding the other post was about the pics that were on the Argus and now are NOT.
However, people may be talking about all in one of the postings.
enf said...i think imho
Anonymous said…
I say:
1)Best Wishes, Stephanie.
2)Not a good move, Larry (but you aren't in public office, I kinda think that discussion is irrelevant, but great for some fun gossip)
3)Would love to know details of the wedding, when it happens.
Anonymous said…
PP, you left out the part at the begining of the Politico article that said "Rumors abound that another Capitol Hill hottie will bite the dust."

So Politico doesn't confirm your story, it confirms your rumor.

I'm sure it's true and that Herseth is getting married but she's decided to keep it private for now. Which is her right.

The MSM media isn't covering this "story" right now because it's a rumor. Once it becomes fact they will.
Anonymous said…
Well I guess who had all check out the Argus Leader. The story is in there.
So much for people thinking it was a rumor..which is was not. There have been articles in others newspapers around the US. Not that it was big news but papers like to let voters know what is going on in DC.
Anonymous said…
Sorry for the typos best get new keyboard. What i was trying to say was; guess YOU all had best check the Argus Leader Newspaper todays edition 3-25 online.

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