Where will congresswoman Herseth fall on Thursday's vote to support the troops?

Where will congresswoman Herseth fall on Thursday's vote to support the troops? The Hill has a story today on the Democrat's version of funding for the Iraq War effort. In other words, they're trying to use the power of the pocketbook to take over running the war effort:
Facing their first tight vote of the 110th Congress, House Democratic leaders yesterday were scrambling to convince rank-and-file members to back their carefully crafted war-funding legislation.

At least eight Democrats are planning to vote “no” on the Iraq supplemental, scheduled for a Thursday vote. Two more are “leaning no.” Meanwhile, there are over three dozen Democrats who are undecided, according to a survey conducted by The Hill.


“The best way to keep [the troops] safe is to bring them home,” Stark said. “It’s difficult to oppose [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). She’s a great leader and working wonders to get this passed, but some things I can’t vote for.”
Read the whole article here at thehill.com, where you will note that Congresswoman Herseth is one of the progressive/blue dog Democrats named who hasn't made up their mind yet on whether she's going to follow Pelosi or not.


Anonymous said…
Interestingly, it looks like the options are to either go with Pelosi or go with the liberals like Stark who want to cut off funding for the troops.

I never thought I'd say it, but I think I'm with Pelosi on this one. The liberals that want to vote against this and cut off all funds for the war in Iraq ought to be drawn and quartered.
SDguardguy said…
Herseth will stab the troops in the back, i guarantee it!
Anonymous said…
Who do you think promised her the most money for the upcoming race. The answer could be found there maybe.
Anonymous said…
Let the nation get ready for the excuses that will be flying soon. Can you just see the blogging about the press releases.
Anonymous said…
Has anyone figured out who is sending home the most pork out of the bill? Is there many basic life issues in the bill? I don't think so. Lets remember the famous "bridge to nowhere".
Guess i need to re-read all the little piggy's went to market in the bill.
O-hum, if there were enough hours in the day.

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