South Dakota Animator/Film Maker with a political edge

I was doing a little surfing on YouTube for South Dakotans, and I came across a gentleman's website who goes by the moniker of Madikwe.

Watch out politicians, both Republican and Democrat alike. You might find yourself skewered. Madikwe is taking on everyone in a combination of computer and "real old school" stop motion animation that I have to admit, really works well.

One of his recent works (as above) takes a big swing in the direction of Tim Johnson. But, Dems, he's also takes aim at the Republican member of the delegation, neutrinos, Legislators in general, and a host of other topics.

If we see any viral videos on the South Dakota Races this next year, you might see him as the film maker in question.

Go check him out at


Anonymous said…
You have been taking subtle jabs at Tim Johnson since he got sick, you then end each of your comments by saying something like "but our prayers are with his family."

It is your blog, so you are free to keep taking cheap political shots. It tells us a little bit more about who you really are.
Anonymous said…
That's pure cheeze PP.
Wat do you think is good about it?
The audio track?
Anonymous said…
He doesn't really think anything is good about it. He just comes up with reasons to go after tim johnson. Pat, tell us more about how the johnson photos are "doctored".

Pat is a class act.
PP said…
Anonymous 8:33 and 8:52 (since you're all likely the same person), the hits he takes at Thune is equally biting.

But I'm assuming you didn't get past the knee jerk reaction. This was a post about an animator, not his subject.

8:37, The style is meant to be somewhat crude, but you'll notice the sound is top notch. It's not as if he's using flash animation or any of the new tools - as I said, this is old school stuff, and it's done remarkably well.
Anonymous said…
As I see it, PP just let thousands of his reader know that this animator is out there. As PP stated his goes after BOTH Dem's and Rep's. So i would have to say back off a little imho.
If you don't like it don't look at it! PP warned you right up front.
In my opinion you can send thoughts and prayers to someone and that is okay and a great thing to do and you don't have to agree with the persons politics and that is okay also.
Heck PP could have thrown the Johnson Animation link and not say a thing about any of the other animations. So i would say he was upfront.
end enf said.
Anonymous said…
I will say this about Sen. Johnson. I do wish him a speedy recover and a complete recovery!
I will also state since SD only has 2 senators and 1 representative I would VERY MUCH like to hear Sen Johnson say somthing to the people of SD. I figure he still is having some speech problems, though i don't know as you all don't know (th average SD).
BUT being we only have 3 whole people in DC representing us I would like to know he is up for the challenge of looking out for our interest in this state. I would hope that each and every voter would hope the same. Is he truly okay who really knows in SD well, maybe his son. Poltics can be politics!
You have to admit he was thin which is expected after what he has gone through. The smile on his face is a good thing..he has muscle tone, etc. I want to hear him and I feel it is fair to ask for something for SD not the national media let them have the sound bites we get from him.
Is this really asking for too much?
Douglas said…
How long was SD without any representation in the US House when Janklow was not there and the position sat empty?
under represented said…
Douglas said...
How long was SD without any representation in the US House when Janklow was not there and the position sat empty?

Douglas, Are you saying two wrongs make a right???

Tim should step down and allow someone to be appointed.
He could fully concentrate on getting better without the stress of the whole country watching.
South Dakota would be represented as it should be.
We wouldn't have to all dance this politically correct (left liberal) dance.
We could all genuinely wish him well and hope for his full recovery.
It is the right thing to do.
It is a pity that politics and the desire for POWER keeps him from doing the right thing.
Anonymous said…
Yes, the audio track is good. That's it. The drawing and the animation blows. It's like watching that 2 dollar bill commmercial where George Washington has moving matted in lips.

My kids have been drawing and animating (rotoscoping) better than that since they were in their teens.

The earliest cartoons in the 30's were better animated. How "old school" do you want to get, puppet shows?
Anonymous said…
Kick 'em when they're down. But what else can you expect from the Rove-driven GOP? No class. No surprise.

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