Postscripts to recent stories....

I don't want to write about the same things ad nauseum, but there are several points to follow up on that readers might be interested in.

First, The Rapid City Weekly news has a story on the Kooiker mayoral race, where Sam talks about Hamilton offering him $10k, but he turned him down. He also mentiones his (former) friend Mike Schumacher originally turning down the Hamilton offer of cash, but then taking it when the amount was upped.

Read that story here.

Although I'm told that we may see State Representative Alan Hanks jump into the race after all, backed by former Republican Stan Adelstein, setting up a "Hamilton-Adelstein-Average guy" proxy race.

Stay tuned on that one.

On the Herseth/Argus Leader photo story....

Today we're left wondering.... "Herseth wedding photos? What Herseth wedding photos?" The link is now gone off of the Argus Leader's website. That one is sure to get the conspiracy theorist tongues a waggin'.

What happened to the missing 16 photos? And will we ever get to see them?

As SDP noted "Free the Argus 16!"


Anonymous said…
PP - I hope the whole herseth photo hunt is tounge in cheek.
Anonymous said…
It is a little suspect - the most plausible explanation is that the Argus was given advance photos from the Herseth people, prepared a website for them, and inadvertantly added a link. Then, when they noticed their error, they removed the link.

This version of the story will confirm that, despite possible statements to the contrary, Herseth wants to turn this into a little media event.
Anonymous said…
Now even the link has vanished! This has become a scandal on the level of Watergate. The legislature must immediately issue subpoenas to the Argus staff, Krantz, her wedding photographer and Stephonies chief of staff...whoever that is. We must hear testimony, under oath, from these accomplices. Then, S.H. must be impeached.
Anonymous said…
GREAT IDEA--the impeachment--I mean.

Can we impeach her for being a young chick sleeping with Grandpa??
Anonymous said…
The Herseth 16 are now freed. Just a bunch of pictures of her looking at wedding invitations.

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