Rhoden/Maher interviewed on KBHB Radio

KBHB Radio has an on-line program with Senator Ryan Maher and Representative Larry Rhoden on how they thought session went.

Like to listen? Go check it out here at:


Talk on lots of issues, especially focusing on SB 173.


Anonymous said…
Regarding Rhodens comments on SB 173, the production ag bill. I am baffled why the ag folks think they are the only ones that the "market" is unfair to. The property tax debacle will be solved by one process, and one process only. First; we have to define fair, second; determine who is being treated unfairly and why, third; bring forward legislation that treats all property owners fairly !! not just the ag folks (whom I love).

I have pages of property tax comparisons, here are a couple I worked up recently.

Between 1998 and 2005;

property tax collections increased 175 million dollars.

90.5 million or 52% came from just 3 counties.

130.3 million or 75% came from just 11 counties.

the other 44.7 million or 25% came from the other 55 counties.

Since Rhoden mentioned Corson county in his remarks. Property taxes for 2 counties in this State are decreasing, Corson County has had the largest redution in prooperty taxes during this time, over 9% decrease in 7 years.

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