Global warming according to Herseth?

Congress Daily is noting that Congresswoman Herseth has been named by Speaker Pelosi to a special global warming panel:

House leaders today chose dueling rosters to fill a new global warming and energy independence panel, underscoring skepticism that the panel will serve as little more than a mouthpiece for opposing views in the global warming debate. The Democratic line-up includes two freshmen and members with mostly strong environmental credentials.


Speaker Pelosi issued a statement saying the panel Democrats "are outstanding for their creativity, diversity of experience, and knowledge of energy and global warming issues."

The seven other Democrats on the panel received an average score from the League of Conservation Voters last Congress of roughly 84 percent. The other Democratic panelists are Reps. Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, Jay Inslee of Washington, John Larson of Connecticut, Hilda Solis of California, Stephanie Hersethof South Dakota and Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri. Herseth is the only representative of the conservative-to-moderate Blue Dog Democrat coalition and had the lowest average LCV score of 53 percent last Congress.

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Anonymous said…
Here is an url that you can send to friends and family that will direct them to the video "The Great Global Warming Swindle".

For more information on the documentary you can go here.
Anonymous said…
Herseth is showing her true left-wing colors again...she's being Pelosi's little errand girl and peddling the left's latest excuse for more government control and regulation
Anonymous said…
anon 9:51

Exactly! What's the democrats plan for curing global warming?

Taxes of course!!

Tax cars, tax businesses, tax anyone who uses energy.

BTW, has anyone else seen the fact that Al Gore's house uses enough energy in 28 days what it takes a normal house to run in a year?

Maybe he should watch his own crappy video!
yusef said…
this should be all irrelevant to republicans. global warming does not exist, so herseth's involvement in a panel on global warming should have no result. right?
VJ said…
Global Warming is Voodoo Science! Herseth is just using it to keep our attention away from the real issues of the day! We have been warned about politicians like Herseth and now it’s coming true!

From last weeks NBC News: “leaders of the religious right warned others are using the global warming controversy to shift the emphasis away from the great moral issues of our time.” To Mr. Dobson and the others, the great moral issues include homosexuality (and gay marriage in particular), abortion and, more broadly, sexual mores among young people.”

But of course Herseth would rather spend her time talking about Global Warming. Says a lot about Herseth doesn’t it!
Anonymous said…
Notice that Herseth DID NOT trumpet her new ozone committee assignment from Pelosi which means she think it is NOT HELPFUL politically.
scimitar said…
The wacko banshees are screaming about this one. Maybe you idiots missed that this panel is about global warming AND ENERGY INDEPENDENCE.

What's wrong with Herseth being on an energy independence panel? Doesn't that benefit the ethanol and biodiesel industries?

And VJ, if you want to talk about the great moral issues of our time, how do you feel about Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama each married to their first spouse and none of the 3 accused of cheating on that spouse - while:

Giuliani is on wife #3 and cheated on the first 2.

Gingrich is on wife #3 and cheated on the first 2 (I could say more about the unethical book deal that forced him to resign from office).

McCain is on wife #2 (I could say more about his membership in the "Keating 5").

Posterboys for bad behaviour (British spelling). Says a lot about the morality of your Republicans, doesn't it VJ? Let the spin begin!
joan said…
Thanks, Scimitar. It's good to know that some people who comment here can think straight.
Anonymous said…
3:54 has a point, except for the failture to mention Mitt Romney on the GOP side who is still married to his first wife (and despite the media fetish about his forebears' polygamous background, I would assume he doesn't plan to take a second wife at, uh, the same time.:-))
Anonymous said…
Herseth's silence speaks volumes about how proud she is to be caught drinking the lefty ozone coolaid
Anonymous said…
South Dakotans stand to profit magnificently by understanding the global warming message and committing themselves to the development of alternative energy resources.

Of course, they will forgo this opportunity, because, as evidenced by the people on this blog, they don't believe such an opportunity exists.

Welcome to the backwater of the South Dakota mentality.
Anonymous said…
scimitar 3:54

Yes, those Clinton's are sure known for their sexual purity!!

Does anyone know of a good cigar shop? ;)
Anonymous said…
Global warming caused by human activity is as factual as Clinton marital fidelity.
nonnie said…
Hillary is still married to ole Bill because it is politically wise in her pursuit of the White House. She just can't wait to get in there again and redecorate. Maybe she will bring back some of the stuff she took when she left (if we are unlucky enuf to end up with her as prez).

I think you can find as many Dems as Reps who are divorced or who are still married to spouse #1. Marital infidelity is not a single party issue.

And the fact that Gore is spokesperson for global warming while living in that mansion of his and flying around in his private jet, while at the same buying "carbon credits" (from a company he owns stock in) is laughable. What's pathetic though is that people are listening to him. What's more ridiculous are carbon credits.
Anonymous said…
Why are there no comments on Bush making a deal with Brazil to produce ethanol? Shouldn't JT be pushing his good buddy to get SD increase ethanol production instead of having a foreign state produce for us?
Anonymous said…
9:28, JT (I am assuming you mean Senator Thune) DID make a big deal out of Bush making ethanol deals elsewhere. It was all over the news. Of course, the same libs who batter Thune for walking in lockstep with Bush still found fault when he broke ranks on this.

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