Rapid City Journal has big story on Schumacher/Shaw connection

The Rapid City Journal has a big front page, above the fold story on Rapid City businessman Doug Hamilton paying Rapid City Councilman Mike Schumacher to run Mayor Jim Shaw's campaign. Despite the fact that Shaw says nobody is running his campaign.

The Headline? Schumacher to Support Shaw: Local businessman offers alderman money to help re-elect mayor:
Schumacher confirmed that he has been offered an undisclosed amount of money by Doug Hamilton, a local businessman and Shaw supporter, to help Shaw get re-elected.

Negotiations are ongoing, according to Schumacher, and he hasn’t been hired to do anything for Shaw’s campaign yet. Part of the negotiation is determining just how much of a role Schumacher would have in Shaw’s campaign — whether he would be campaign manager, a campaign consultant or something else.


Schumacher would not say how much money he has been offered but indicated it was enough to take care of his daughter’s future. The offer also led him to re-evaluate who should be mayor and rethink his support of Kooiker in that position.


“Should I choose to run, my campaign will be about the very important issues facing Rapid City in the coming months and years,” he said. “Mike made his decision to take Mr. Hamilton’s money for reasons he’s already stated. Am I surprised? Yes. However, it’s his choice.”
Read all of this story here.

What are the particulars you aren't reading about? I keep hearing the figure $35,000 talked about behind the scenes as the amount of money Schumacher has been offered to run Shaw's campaign.

And despite statements to the contrary, he did blindside Kooiker with this, since as early as last summer, Schumacher was actively working on early planning on Kooiker's campaign - as evidenced by Mike registering a mayoral related web domain on Sam's behalf.

This has rocked the Republican political community in Rapid City, and causing a lot of head scratching. What was once a safe seat for council Schumacher will almost certainly now become a seat with a challenge, because his betrayal of Kooiker is not viewed positively in GOP circles.

It's ok to choose up sides in a primary, but this is being viewed differently because of the decade long close friendship between the two, now rendered asunder because of the price offered for betrayal.

Stay tuned for more on this Shakespearean tale.


Anonymous said…
Schumacher must be learning - I see no comparisons to Judas in the Journal story.
Anonymous said…
$35,000 is the amount former Senator Adelstein had promised his superstar Alice McCoy last year, before deciding to drop the amount. I wonder whether he's funneling any money to Shaw. I wonder whether Hamilton and Adelstein are special friends with a common cause in this race.

As for Shaw, who cares? He's lower than livestock dung in the showbarn at the Iowa State Fair that he's banned from.
Anonymous said…
How can you talk about livestock dung without bring up Sweet Sow?
Anonymous said…
About time the RJ caught up with the blogs. How long did it take?
Anonymous said…
The rc urinal is covering it only because they have to. They avoided it as long as they could, now it looks so obvious that they had to put a cub reporter on it. Harlan is probably still passed out after cashing his last paycheck, and Worster is too busy pulling the weight.
Anonymous said…
has someone thought about charging doug hamilton with a felony for bribery? he's scum to begin with, so it doesn't suprise me that he once again tried to use his money to turn people over to the dark side. you'd think after the sexual harrasment suit, he'd lay low for awhile. guess not, the devil is back.

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