Prospective political consultants, hang out your shingles here

If you're noticing a slight change on the right, I've opened up a place for those who help with campaigns for money to hang out their shingles as we enter into the municipal and school board campaign season.

If you're interested in posting your ad under the SD Political Consulting Marketplace section, and more notably, posting it on a website read by roughtly 1000 politically oriented people daily, drop me a note at for more details.

You don't even need a website - I can direct the ad to your e-mail address.

Get in touch with me, and I can have your ad up within hours.


Douglas said…
"Propsective" sounds almost like some kind of sexual perversion.

But, don't look for spelling errors at my site. There are too many to count.
Anonymous said…
I don't agree with 5:38 p's statement. I read your information and nothing pop out as out of line or something to be taken wrong.
Just my humble opinion.
Nathan said…
Please post my link.

I spent all my money on an abortion so please do it for free. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
last sentance not so funny.
Or are you trying to get a rise out of people.
Not really a question.

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