RC Weekly Editorial Cartoon

Go check out this hilarious (or tragic, depending on your viewpoint) cartoon on the Rapid City Mayoral Race controversy over at the Rapid City Weekly News.


Anonymous said…
Okay i have to admit that i really need to upgrade my puter screen. But, holly cow, that pic almost looks #*@&@) se*ual. I am not able to read all the words like i said i need to update my liquid in my progrm for my flat screen. (Which is a rip as far as I am concerned).
But it looks like the cartoon is about money and geting stabbed in the back from my take on it. So what have i missed in the media???
I do know about the Kookier Vs Shaw thing and then the tangle with Mike S. but what else am i missing. Is there supposed to be a conection? Sorry don't have time to re-read storys nor hunt for them.
Sorry for the post....or am i dense tonight????
Anonymous said…
It's simple. Jim Shaw is trying to buy off his opposition.

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