South Dakota Chastity Balls in the News

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ABC News has a story on South Dakota Chastity Balls, and how Leslee Unruh is helping to drive the demand across the nation:
Thousands of girls have taken purity vows at this kind of event since the
first ball was thrown in 1998 by Generations of Light, a popular Christian
ministry in Colorado Springs.

Last year, South Dakota's Abstinence Clearinghouse run by Leslee Unruh,
a major association of the purity movement, received requests to send out 700
"Purity Ball Planner" booklets.

These balls are the latest trend in the national abstinence movement,
which began in the 1980s as a grassroots effort from the Christian community in
response to high rates of sexually transmitted diseases.

Read it all here.

As I'd written on it before, it’s one of those things that makes some fathers (such as I) squirm. Going to a dance for purposes of discussing intimacy in days past had absolutely nothing to do with any female relatives whatsoever.

Would they say “thank you for honoring me,” or would I get a “Dad, this is really creepy” from my teenagers?


Anonymous said…
It is time to get over the creepy feeling.
If you don't talk to your daughters about intimate things--with your positive and encouraginging spin on it--others WILL talk to them--and it likely won't be what you want them to hear.
This from a daughter whose Dad was "creeped out" and didn't give his daughter a clue.
Think of this as one of the most important jobs that you will do as the father of a young girl. If you can't manage a Purity Ball then make your own time and place--but don't neglect this job because of your own selfish, male, "creeped out" problem!
Anonymous said…
Pat, You do need to discuss these things with your daughters, but a purity ball isn't necessary.

You can take your daughter out for supper and maybe a movie and it will be much less expensive than Leslee's purity balls. You can talk to your wife about how to approach the topic and what to say.

Leslee isn't doing this out of the goodness of her heart. She's making big bucks from it - like she does everything in which she is involved.
Anonymous said…
"Chastity Balls"..sounds like some kind of male contraception not quite like a chastity belt however.
Anonymous said…
Chastity Balls are creepy. Being open and honest when speaking with your daughters is not creepy. And you don't have to make a "special" thing about it - I assume you talk to your daughter, so it's not a big deal to bring up this subject. Work it into the conversation. She'll get it.
PP said…
It's not the talk itself that I question whether or not if it crosses the creepy line - it's dad taking daughter out for a "date" to do so.
Anonymous said…
What if your daughter tells you that she CANNOT attend?

Would it not be best just to have open and honest talks with your kids about all subjects, including the risks of sex before marriage?

This thing is too self-righteous for my taste. (And just how much money does Leslee make on all of these things? Doesn't anybody know?)
Anonymous said…
These things are downright creepy. PP is right to not want to have a faux marriage with his daughters.

If my dad had suggested something like this I would have bought a deadbolt for my bedroom door. It is ten flavors of creepy.

You can instill values and expectations in your kids without becoming incestious and acting like you own your daughters uterus.
Anonymous said…
So, will Leslie replace the "Yes on 6" paint scheme on her brand new Escalade with a "call 800-chastity ball" banner? Looks like another cash cow for the Jim and Tammie Faye of SD.

And the dough keeps rolling in. . .
Anonymous said…
PP, you are absolutely right on this one. Creepy barely describes this deal. LU has found a new way to make money and fame. Too bad she lives in SD and not Miss.
Anonymous said…
Creepy is an understatment - perverted is what comes to my mind. What message exactly is this trying to portray? You pretend to get married to your dad and promise him that you will forego all sexual contact until a time when he sees fit to give you to someone else.

Can we get any sicker?
Anonymous said…
i'd like to see the success rate for these things. knowing teenagers often do the exact opposite of what their parents tell them to do (no matter how well intentioned or involved the parents may be,) particularly what more overbearing parents tell them, it's easy to see how this whole concept could completely backfire.

it's like what happens to sheltered kids their first semester at college...
Anonymous said…
I have a feeling that all the dress shops thought this one up to take care of the girls who aren't invited to the prom. You don't need a $ 200.00 to $ 500.00 prom dress to get a girl to promise virginity. Both parents should discuss with both sexes of children the complications and responsibilities of teenage premarital sex--WITHOUT the role-playing. What is this supposed to be "how a man should treat you honey" demonstration? GROSS.

PS anon 11:52 a.m.--- I'm a mother, and I used to be a young girl, so I think I'm qualified to make the statement that "THIS IS SICK!".
Anonymous said…
Leslie is a SLUT!
Anonymous said…
PP, I think it's time to delete some of these "creepy" posts attacking Leslee Unrah for daring to sponsor something that might help prevent young girls from bringing home STDs and unwelcome pregnancies. Are these all coming from Planned Parenthood? I'm guessing if the purity balls might have an effect on the current high rate of abortion in South Dakota that will really cut into their bottom line.

Kate Looby - why don't you get a real job instead of making your living killing babies?
Doug Wiken said…

Can Leslee's Chastity Balls be held within 500 feet of a school?

Does Leslee promote Chastity Balls for boys and their mothers?

One of the PBS dance competitions had younger children dancing together in clothes similar to the skimpy outfits the adults had on or off doing the tango, etc. That struck me as creepy enough.

Now, if one of the adult male dancers had danced with one of those little girls, we might have had a promotional youtube video for Leslee's newest money maker.
Anonymous said…
L.U. is not perverted for hosting these balls. She is however, preying on the fears of the over-protective father with less than active parenting skills. If these fathers had actual conversations with their daughters instead of being more interested in their golf swing - I think these chastity balls would not be necessary. I doubt if Dr. Unruh found it necessary to take his girls to a "ball" - Like most dads (I'm assuming) he was involved in his kids upbringing on a regular basis and conversed with them like adults & young adults - not like brain-dead teens. It starts a lot younger than 15 or 16.
Anonymous said…
Chastity balls = a 10 on my creepy meter.
Anonymous said…
Didn't Leslie "the Pro Lifer" have an abortion?
Anonymous said…
Leslee did have an abortion and has had years to regret the death of her own child. She can testify to the devastation, not only to the dead baby, but to the mother who caused the death of her baby because it was “inconvenient”.

Voice of experience? Mostly definitely! And she is doing her level best to see that no other young women go through the grief and self-hatred that she has known. Would you rather have her profit from the murder of infants like Kate Looby does?
Anonymous said…
Folks on the pro-life side of the aisle need to realize how odd it looks when two of the biggest proponents in this state for denying women the right to choose actually had an abortion or their girlfriend had an abortion.

It's like the long list of divorced Republicans (Reagan, Limbaugh, Giulani, McCain, Gingrich) and adulterers (Gingrich, Giulani, Hyde, Livingston) who lead the supposed party of family values.

Hyprocrisy is a tough pill to swallow.

But at the end of the day, nothing is creepier than a dad taking his daughter to a dance. Talk to your kids, don't date them. If liberals did that, we'd never hear the end of it.
Anonymous said…
I may be wrong here, but I think Chastity Balls works at Scarlet O'Haras.
Deputy Dawg said…

Being the father of two daughters, yep, I think it crosses the line of the Creep Factor. Here's what I mean:

* When she was in Brownies, my daughter took me to "Daddy Date Night" at the Elks Lodge. It was okay, but felt a bit wierd. The theme was not about sexual activity.

* Chastity Balls, hmmmm, isn't that about sexual activity? Other than the Big Talk with the parents about the birds and the bees, why would Dad take Daughter to a BALL about sexual restraint????

This is all about sexual boundary violations. "C'mon Dad, let's go out on a date and celebrate my abstinence from having sex!!!"

Ummm, don't do it. This should be a no-brainer. Right cause, wrong method.
Anonymous said…
I just want to be all over Leslie's big chastity balls.
Anonymous said…
Funny how PRO LIFE Leslie is a BABY KILLER!
Anonymous said…
Regarding those Purity Balls that our government is helping fund....
It's interesting to note that many of the churches who originally promoted this idea are Reconstructionist groups, rather than mainstream Christian denominations. Reconstructionism is a rapidly growing and arguably heretical sect of Christianity, whose adherents follow the teachings of John Rousas Rushdoony and Gary North in addition to and often instead of those of Jesus Christ, and their goal is to eventually take over America and install their brand of faith as the state religion.
Here are a couple of websites that will show you what many of these folks really believe:
And, here is a link for VisionForum, a HUGE promoter of a similar idea -- the Father-Daughter Retreat concept -- and one of America's leading homeschooling curriculum companies. VisionForum is run by Doug Phillips, son of ex-Reagan cabinet member Howard Phillips and pastor of Boerne Christian Assembly, a hyper-patriarchal Reconstructionist congregation where women are relegated to virtual slavery in their own homes, denied higher education, forbidden to hold jobs or seek public office, and are discouraged from voting; they are not permitted to participate in prayer in the church services, make prayer requests in church, or even receive communion unless it is served to them by their husband or another male member of the congregation.
The Phillipses are quite the father and son team, too -- Howard Phillips is the founder of the Constitution Party, whose 2004 presidential nominee was League of the South member Michael Peroutka. While the Constitution Party courted the votes of the League of the South (identified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center) and other neoConfederate groups in 2004, Howard's son, Pastor Doug, was hard at work garnering the Christian vote, encouraging his congregation to vote for Peroutka and warning them that they were not spiritually "at liberty" to vote for the Bush or Kerry because of their unBiblical stances on key issues.
And our government is funding father-daughter dinner dances for these groups. Sweet.

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