I might need a counselor after that one.

My flight back to Pierre this morning was the ultimate in subsidized travel as I was the sole traveler between Brookings and Pierre at $29 one way. I somehow doubt that covered the two pilot's hourly wage.

The only bad part was "you know you're in for it" when you're the lone ranger through the terminal, and they're training a new airport security guy. Apparently they decided that this early morning traveler got to be the guinea pig for "new guy's" screening practice. Ugh.

It's not like flying the other way. From Pierre to Brookings, I barely get a second look as I get on board (and I'm not complaining). But this morning, I got everything except a prison shower and delousing.

It's bad enough that I have to take my shoes off every time I'm through this terminal. But this AM, it was the full wanding and pat down. Even though it stopped short of a full cavity search, I found myself wondering if they had counselors available afterwards.


Anonymous said…
O the joys of flying and the airport newbies!!

Wait till this happens during a race for boarding with 1000's of people watching and think gezzzz... A person almost does feel like they are about to do a stripe search right in the public.

Some times they do need to watch the hands!!!! It can get a little to friendly.
Anonymous said…
Did they find any stripes??
Anonymous said…
"strip" sorry type to fast.
Glad ya caught the blunder.

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