What are the odds?

Linesmaker, an offshore betting website recently noted that they're taking bets on the odds for 2008 presidential candidates. What are they projecting for candidates (despite it probably being illegal to use in South Dakota)?

2008 US Presidential Odds


Hillary Clinton1-1

Al Gore5-1

John McCain5-1

George Allen Jr10-1

Rudy Giuliani5-2

Sam Brownback10-1

Bill Richardson12-1

Mark Warner15-1

Mitt Romney10-1

Mike Huckabee20-1

Evan Bayh20-1

Chuck Hagel22-1

Colin Powell25-1

Joe Biden30-1

Bill Frist100-1

John Edwards8-1

Newt Gingrich40-1

Tom Vilsack40-1

Russ Feingold40-1

Barack Obama6-1

Rick Santorum50-1

Tom Tancredo50-1

Mike Gravel50-1

Tom Ridge50-1

Tom Daschle50-1

Bill Owens50-1

Bob Kerrey50-1

John Kerry50-1

George Pataki50-1

Condoleezza Rice30-1

Gary Locke70-1

Dick Gephardt75-1

Wesley Clark20-1

Dick Cheney75-1

Howard Dean75-1

Alberto Gonzales75-1

Bob Ehrlich75-1

Charles Schumer75-1

Harold Ford Jr75-1

Jack Kemp75-1

Jeb Bush100-1

Jay Rockefeller100-1

Ralph Nader100-1

Paul Bremmer150-1

Joe Lieberman150-1

Bob Graham150-1

Michael Bloomberg150-1

Tommy Franks200-1

Jesse Jackson200-1

George W Bush200-1

Dennis Kucinich200-1

Arnold Schwarzenegger250-1

Bill Clinton300-1

Paul Wolfowitz750-1

Alan Keyes750-1

Elizabeth Dole750-1

Clint Eastwood750-1

Ted Kennedy750-1

Bill OReilly750-1

Laura Bush1000-1

James Carville1000-1

Jesse Ventura1000-1

Al Sharpton1000-1

John Ashcroft1500-1

Donald Rumsfeld2000-1

Pat Robertson2000-1

Bill Maher2500-1

Donald Trump2500-1

Michael Moore7500-1

Chris Dodd50-1

Doug Stanhope25-1

I think a few of these are moron bets, since Arnold Schwartzenegger can't run without amending the constitution (must be a natural born citizen), and Dubya is also prohibited from running again.

Which might be a good sign that this website is more designed to take your money than anything else.

Just a point of interest.


Anonymous said…
Anything will be an improvement on Dubya.

Mad in Murdo.
Anonymous said…
Where is Ron Paul? Unlike most on this list, he's an announced candidate. And where's Fred Thompson? Hillary is WAY over-rated, no way anyone is 1-1 odds.
Anonymous said…
These ratings are obviously out of date. George Allen is listed as 10-1 - I would say that his odds are considerably lower since he is NOT RUNNING. I also don't see Obama on the list - say what you want about him, but his odds are better than many of the people on the list.

And by the way, PP - there have been sites like this going since last year.
Anonymous said…
Obama is on there...he's 6-1....why can't you democrats ever thoroughly read something before you open your big mouth!
Anonymous said…
I think it's just super that 3 men constitutionally barred from winning (Schwarzenegger, W, & Bill Clinton) have better odds than Ted Kennedy.
Joedo said…
Anonymous said…
Chris Dodd has to be wondering whom he angered. He is a longer shot than Doug Stanhope? Stanhope is a very "blue" comedian who used to co-host "The Man Show."
Lee Schoenbeck said…
Fred Thompson is going to be attracting more attention.

And to the person who listed three as being constituionally ineligible - I believe there are only two - think Grover Clevland for an example
Anonymous said…
schoenbeck, you are mistaken.

Check the 22nd amendment - "No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once."

Cleveland served two non- consecutive terms for a total of eight years, and that was before the 22nd amendment.

You can't serve two terms and take a break and then serve two more (a la Janklow). At the federal level, it's two and done.
Anonymous said…
Mr. Schoenbeck

Here's the text of the 22nd Amendment

No mention of "consecutive" there...
Lee Schoenbeck said…
my apologies - you are correct - get to learn something new every day

PS Fred Thompson is still a candidate to watch
Anonymous said…
Isn't it great to be wrong? It's like not getting the memo on the new cover sheets for the TPS reports and having eight bosses tell you about it.
Jake M said…
PP et al,

This is a much more reliable and detailed site. Instead of odds, it is a futures market of sorts. Very interesting:


If that link doesn't work, go to www.tradesports.com and then click on politics on the lower left.

National level political, sports, and economic blogs frequently reference it.
Anonymous said…
Odds are 1-1 that no matter when you read this comment, Ted Kennedy is drunk. 2-1 that he has driven his car off a bridge in the past 24 hours!

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