Behold My Psychic Powers. It looks like one of my predictions is already holding true.

It was literally just a week or so ago when I predicted that the South Dakota Mainstream Coalition was going to keep a generally low profile this year and work on membership before they did anything controversial.

And what do my eyes see in today’s Mitchell Daily Republic? An article by Seth Tupper interviewing the Olson duo of the Mainstream Coalition (Ed and Mel) about their activities this session. In the article, Senator Ed Olson notes that:
“He does not expect the coalition to have much impact on the Legislature this year. He indicated though, that he might watch for signs of inner party controversy."
He was specifically referring to watching if his or Senator Stan Adelstein’s name appears on legislation, who votes against it and who votes for it.

If I were asked, I would say to Senator Olson, “Don’t worry about your legislation.” I might give Ed the business about the Mainstream coalition because I don’t see how it makes the GOP stronger, but seriously, Ed’s a genuinely likeable guy, and I don’t think he’s going to have any direct legislative retaliation over where he’s chosen to hang his hat.

If there is any grief, I suspect it will be directed elsewhere. And it will have more to do with a residual effect (and pre-emptive strike) against certain people funding primaries against Republican incumbents than it will with the Mainstream Coalition.


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