Dammit Delores! For the last time I'm not going to sign your alcohol tax petition!

From the Rapid City Journal's website:
The Pennington County Commission is considering updating its policy governing how petition signatures are gathered at the courthouse and all county-owned buildings. The proposed policy bans collecting signatures within any county-owned building, including the courthouse, and within 50 feet of any door. It also requires that petitioners respect the rights of people to not sign and that petitioners not harass, threaten or intimidate anyone, or mislead signers about the contents or consequences of a petition.

Currently, circulators are asked to sign a code of conduct, but not all of them sign, according to Ron Buskerud, administrative assistant.

K.J. McDonald of the county auditor’s office said people frequently complain about being “pestered” by petition circulators.
Read it all here! Now I don't want to infer anything... But at the same time it's tough not to infer anything after this comes literally on the heels of Pennington County Commissioner Delores Coffing sucking pond water in her effort to lead the petition drive on the Alcohol Tax.

The Pennington County Courthouse is literally the city's mecca for signature collection just outside it's doors. I can remember going there while I was the Pennington County GOP 's Executive Director, and local Democratic Activist Marshall Curtis was literally a fixture at the door with some petition or another in his hand.

Why wouldn't they let them be there? It is supposed to be the seat of Government for South Dakota's second largest county. It's probably more appropriate on this public ground than anywhere else in the city.

In the spirit of the movement by a couple of commissioners to let them stay, some song lyrics came to mind..
Go Down Moses Anon.

When Isreal was in Egypt's lan' - Let my people go,
Oppress'd so hard they could not stand - let my people go.
Go down, Moses, 'Way down in Egypt's lan', Tell ole Pharoh,
To let my people go.

Thus saith the Lord, bold Moses said, Let my people go,
If not I'll smite your firstborn dead - Let my people go.
Go down, Moses, 'Way down in Egypt's lan' Tell old Pharoh
To let my people go!
So, commissioners down in Pennington Land - Let my petitioners stay.
All they want is a place to stand - Let my petitioners stay.
Go down, Delores, Out the County's back way. An' tell the rest of the commissioners
Let my petitioners stay.

(Thank you very much. I'll be playing all week)


Anonymous said…
You'd think the democrats are running Pennington County. First, destroy their credibility and an organization because people won't go along with a tax increase. Second, be delusional enough to believe that they can collect enough signatures to initiate a tax increase. Third, ban smoking outside like our own brilliant governor. Fourth, ban the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. I just can't believe they represent conservative Pennington County. Is it turning into the People's Republic of Pennington County?

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