Congrats from the SDWC

According to the Onida Watchman, Emily Sovell has been named the new Sully County State’s Attorney in place of her retiring father, Merlin Voorhees. Emily will have to run for the position at the next election, but I’m assuming she won’t have any trouble. She’s had her law office in Onida, and her husband Joe is also well known in that community for having AAA Auction Service.

(I met them this past year when I stood all day in the sun to bid against people who had more money than I did )

Congrats on the new job from the SDWC.

Also - I must be slipping. Did I forget to mention a little while back that Senator Bob Gray and his wife Kara are proud parents? The baby arrived a little early but it sounds like everyone is doing ok.

Congrats to Mother and Child (and to the Senator as well), and read about it here at the Pierre Capitol Journal.


Nicholas Nemec said…
Hey PP, you just have to bid on a lower class of stuff, like that box of garden hoses with all ahe ends broken off.
PP said…
Believe it or not, I was strictly there to bid on comic books. (there are a few of us closet collectors among politicos)

Most spent hundreds, a few spent better than a thousand, and for about $15, I ended up with the two most valuable ones there. (one of them is valued at about $700)

Although, with over 15 years in the auction business myself, I've ended up with plenty of broken hoses and plumbing parts.

Plus I'd get stuck having to haul the stuff that was lower class than that to the dump.
Nicholas Nemec said…
I'm not a collector of comic books but I've always enjoyed reading them. Just out of curiosity what were your two prize finds? Do you collect any comics or just certain characters or story lines? It sounds like you did OK.
PP said…
Actually, I went looking for some old sci-fi comic books which are among the most collectible of all comics. I didn't get a sniff of them, as some people were paying $100 -150+ each.

However, I do know if you see Donald Duck related comic books from the 1940's, and they're in nearly mint condition, you can't go wrong.

Everyone else turned their noses up at them and bought the old superman comics that looked like they'd been run over by a truck several times.

Due to their exceptional condition, and the fact they were very early Donald Ducks, I got lucky, and picked out the best ones.

Actually, I don't seriously collect anymore, and haven't done so for years.

Anymore, I try to pick up early spider-man comics here and there for my 4 year old son, who is a spider-man fanatic. Pricewise, they're pretty reasonable, and not a bad investment. They could pay for his college someday.

If you're interested in buying, I'd recommend eBay. The prices can be MUCH lower than other places. But be wary of condition. That's the thing many people ignore. Ignoring condition can quickly sour a sound investment.

And if you're going to seriously buy, go to and order the comic book buyer's "bible" - the 35th edition of the Overstreet's price guide:
Nicholas Nemec said…
My Grandparents raised 17 kids (yes thats right) and I remember visiting their house as a kid and spending hours laying on the spare bed reading my way through a giant pile of comics that had once belonged to my aunts and uncles. My favorites were the Sgt. Rock ones but there were plenty of Donald Duck, Richy Rich and Archie comics in that pile.

This was in the mid 60's and those comics were old then. I have no idea what ever happened to them. Hopefully one of the family kept them rather than hauling them off to the dump.

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