Eureka! I found it! Maybe.
Has the Educational Alliance found the state's pot o' gold? Or just some Lucky Charms?

Don Young, unsuccessful GOP Primary candidate against Senator Jim Lintz was apparently at the cracker barrel session in New Underwood this last weekend (featuring District 30 legislators Lintz, Howie and Pederson).

According to the New Underwood Post, Young was representing the “Educational Alliance” and Young claims that the Alliance is confident that they have found additional stores of money that could be used for education. According to the newspaper, Young claims that the group will introduce a bill that will increase educational funding without raising property taxes, but will utilize what is already squirreled away.

He was seeking the legislator's support for such a bill. And the legislators apparently didn't think much of it.

I can't say I blame them. It doesn't sound like much in the way of specifics were offered by Young. And for all we know, it could just be a bag of magic beans. Besides, a lesson in state budgeting and spending from the guy who (in his primary race against Lintz) spent $1600 of a $6900 PAC donation on travel, and got his butt kicked?

Forgive me if I’m being a bit of a cynic.

I’m not buying the “state has money squirreled away” argument. I think you’re more likely to chase down a leprechaun and catch him for his pot o’ gold then find money that's just sitting there unused. The state budget is pretty tight, and if there was money out there to be found, someone would have found it and spent it long ago.

If they’ve found money, I think it’s more likely a case of robbing Peter to put more in Paul’s pocket. And that sounds like they're just attempting to dump their problem off on someone else.


Anonymous said…
Adelstein and his liberal co-conspirators invested a great deal of time, energy and money in their liberal tax, spend and regulate friend, Mr. Don Young. He only received a little over 20% of the vote against Jim Lintz. Young, like John Cooper, is a former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employee. No wonder his liberal candidacy did not resonate with the voters. Maybe Rounds should give Young a job, too. He could play wedge issue politics with the constituencies of his office and create serious state issues, only to have his boss bury his head in the sand.

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