Timely topics. Is Dave Kranz Confirming what I was hearing?

From Dave Kranz in today's Argus Leader:
Conversation about the race for mayor of Sioux Falls overshadows most other contests so far in this election year.

Mayor Dave Munson is expected to announce his intentions in the next two weeks, a decision that will help constituents get a better idea of where this election is going.

State Rep. Casey Murschel is the only candidate to formally announce she will seek the job. Munson, City Councilor Darrin Smith and Lora Hubbel previously filed papers indicating they intend to run, but they have not announced.

Mitch Richter became the fifth person indicating his intent to seek the office.

Richter, a Sioux Falls businessman, former state senator and state representative, says it is a “winnable race.”
Read the whole thing here. Well, Mitch Richter isn't a current legislator, but he closely fills the mold of a profile Sioux Falls Legislator (he's just a former). Although, it's entirely possible that there will still be more.

The bad thing about all these Republicans in the race? I don't know that one will take a commanding lead. It will likely split the GOP vote, leaving the Demcrats to block vote for Darrin Smith.


Anonymous said…
Casey Murschel and Darrin Smith will divide the Democrat vote (since Murschel is a Democrat wearing an elephant suit), and Richter and Munson will divide the GOP vote. Don't underestimate Munson, he has one of the most loyal followings in Sioux Falls. Richter will show his true colors during the Mayoral race, by being bi-polar. Richter is like a ticking time bomb! Republicans need to rally around Mayor Munson, and help him get re-elected. Sioux Falls needs Munson as mayor for four more years!
HL said…
So many good candidates and so few fools to vote for them. What's a Rethug to do, show them the money?
PP said…
that's pretty disingenuous.

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