Yup. They're here. The legislature is in town.

How can I tell the legislature is in town?

For starters, there's no parking anywhere in the Capitol Complex. And secondly, I see that Senator Napoli's "BlackJack" Black GMC pickup sporting dual rear tires is in the parking lot.

Speaking of legislator's cars and parking, what gets me going on this is that right next to Napoli's car was the vehicle belonging to Senator Jim Lintz of District 30.

How do I know who's car it is? There's a huge sign on it reading "Lintz Brothers Pizza." I'd call the number on the sign, but I'm not sure they'd deliver out this far east. (Anyone eat there yet that would care to provide a review?)

They were still rolling in as I made my daily sojourn to the Capitol, and scurrying upstairs to get their things in order for the day. Some came in today, but I suspect leadership came in Sunday or last night. Leadership typically has an evening meeting in preparation for the session...

Which reminds me of a story that Governor Mickelson used to tell about catching one of the Democrat operatives in the bushes under an open window (about 3 stories under) while GOP leadership was having their meeting. I recall he described him as standing on a ledge.. But that's a war story to chuckle over, and nothing more. I'm sure there are a few out there on some of the things I used to pull.

Which brings up a tip. When you're in a partisan meeting, and leave a room used by everyone, don't forget to police your area, and don't leave your discarded talking points laying around.

Anyway, as of this writing, the legislature is supposed to convene, and prepare for the Governor making his State of the State address at 1pm.

Watch it here, courtesy of public tv.


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