Busy in Pierre tonight. The Capitol Journal is chock full of informative goodness this evening

Lots going on today, and tonight. I've hardly stopped typing since I've been home. And it's all going on in Pierre. A quick Pierre-centric roundup of events as I'm reading in the Pierre Capitol Journal:

City Workers vote for union as city leaders just kind of sit there in non-commenting silence.

From tonight's Capitol Journal:
“I guess it speaks for itself,” said city administrator Rod Liesinger, following the vote tally. He chose not to comment further.

Gil Koetzle, organizer for Local 49 of the International Union of Operating Engineers—the union selected by city employees, said that the employees felt that they weren’t being listened to.
Gee, the city workers didn't feel that they were being listened to. (eerily enough, living in Pierre, I know the feeling.) By overwhelming numbers, the city police and civilian workers decided to unionize.

Gee I'm glad the city decided to reorganize.

(Yes, losing by 24 votes still sticks in my craw a little).

Capitol Journal decides to grow up and be a big paper.

The Capitol Journal announced today that starting in 2006, it's going to be a morning edition, 6 days a week newspaper. Right now, the big discussion is "Saturday" or "Sunday."

Actually, I think it's kind of neat. Good for them.

Senator Tim Johnson comes to town

Wednesday at 11:30 AM, Tim Johnson is coming to town to visit people at the Chamber of Commerce's Public Meeting Room:
The Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce is hosting a lunchtime meeting with Sen. Tim Johnson on Wednesday.

Johnson, D-S.D., plans to update area residents about his work in the U.S. Senate as well as discuss new efforts to generate ideas from local leaders about economic development.
And finally, District 24 legislators speak out. On a number of topics.

In tonight's Capitol Journal, Representatives Ryan Olson and Tim Rounds blast Amendment "D", pump their arms in the air for a 3% State Employee raise package, and respond to a grave concern that was raised to by one caller about one portion of the Governor's plan for making laptop funds available to schools...

Help! Help! there's cables all over the place! Okay. The stupid people were apparently out in force. (They have things called cable trays guys.) This was only slightly better than the responses. From Representative Olson:

Are those flat-table computers like those table games I used to play pac-man and asteroids on at the bar in college? I don't know if the teacher will be able to see what's on the screen, but they will hold a beer. And we also have the response from Representative Tim Rounds:

Actually, we skipped the computer age, and went straight into the smart-alec blog age.

Session starts tomorrow at noon! I just can't wait!


Nicholas Nemec said…
"smart-alec blog age"

Thats funny. Or in blogspeak LOL.

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