Time to out some Political Figures....

No, not in that sense. But what's political news and gossip is rumbling under the surface at the moment? I figured I need a better name than "roundup" since everyone uses it. So, here's our political outing for 2/16/06

According to the Timber Lake Topic, Democrat Ryan Maher of Isabel is circulating a petition to run for the District 28 Senate Seat being vacated by Eric Bogue. Ryan will vace the victor in the Republican primary - Representative Ted Klaudt and Ken Wetz are running for the Republican Nomination for that seat.

I think I've heard it from four people already that Deputy State Treasurer Mike Mehlhaff Sr. might be considering a bid for elective office in 2010. I'll have to try to firm that one up this weekend. But as I said, I keep hearing this around Pierre - and not from fellow political hacks. I first heard it from a non-political "joe six-pack" type who was asking me about it several weeks back.

As our little tribute to Valentines day, the word around the State Capitol is that Planned Parenthood Executive Director Kate Looby has supposedly been seeing a local Republican Attorney who does a little lobbying. (Hey, I think it says at the top of the browser window that this is a gossipy blog.)

Has anyone out there seen or heard of a Ron Volesky for Governor petition yet?

And according to KELO, the tobacco tax people have sufficient petition signatures to put their measure on the ballot. They claim they have 19,000 signatures, but as the Rapid City Journal reports:
Petitions will continue to be circulated until the May 2 deadline to present signatures to the secretary of state.
Hmmm. Sorry. Am I beeping? That must be my B.S. meter going off. Signature collection is time and labor intensive. Not to mention that it costs money to set up booths in many places. Why continue unless you aren't really sure that you have good signatures?

The Rapid City Journal is also reporting tonight that the legislature passed the anti-JAIL resolution unanimously. Senator Lee Schoenbeck continued to have some choice words for the sponsors of the ballot measure:
Sen. Lee Schoenbeck, R-Watertown, talked about a “reprehensible” e-mail that Senate Minority Leader Garry Moore, D-Yankton, received from JAIL backers.

“This e-mail accuses you of acts of treason and should be punished by hanging,” Schoenbeck said. “The idea that they would threaten a member of this body for speaking out on an issue shows you what kind of disgusting people they are.”
The Rapid City Journal is also advertising that there will be a story in tomorrow's paper about how South Dakota's self-declared Two-Star General Jailer-in-Chief Bill Stegmeier of Tea says he funded the petition drive.

As I drove home tonight, a friend called me on my cell and had noted that he had read elsewhere about Stegmeier paying for this out of pocket, and said to me "Is he married? My wife would kill me if I mortgaged my house for a ballot measure."

Mine too, my friend. Mine too.


Anonymous said…
I think your comment about Ms. Looby is out of line. I enjoy your blog but think turning to that kind of commentary is below the belt. I would bet there are more important issues you could talk about here. Remember don't throw stones if you live in a glass house.
PP said…
What? There was no snide comment or innuendo involved or intended.

A single gal starting to date someone (as I have heard) is below the belt? Most people would say "Isn't that nice. Good for her."

We did just pass Valentine's day, you know.
PP said…
Ever the self critic, I re-read the part Bryce was poking at me about, and while my use of "steppng out" was intended to mean "date" I can see where it might be construed as something less than honorable.

Just so my intent was more clear, I did alter the post, slightly.

Besides, what glass house do I live in? It's poured concrete, baby.
Anonymous said…
If you are going to be fair on the Looby story you should name who the "local republican attorney who does a little lobbying" is. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Otherwise it comes across as kind of sexist and you don't want to be labled as a misogynous rightwing blogger.

Some people might relish that description but I don't get the impression you would.

Poured concrete house? Would that be the Dakota War College bomb proof bunker?
Anonymous said…
I am not best pals with Ms. Looby or anything, but as of last year, she was married:

"Kate is the State Director of South Dakota for Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. A South Dakota native, Kate earned a degree in economics from Augustana College and a master of business administration from Pepperdine University. She is a former small business owner and her political party’s candidate for South Dakota Secretary of State in 2002.

Kate has been an active member of her community and church, a volunteer in her children’s elementary school, and has served as state president of the SD NARAL (Pro-Choice America) and the South Dakota Women’s Political Caucus.

She is married to her high school sweetheart, Norvo Buchloh, and is the mother of four children."

Unless she's gotten divorced in the past year, I would say accusing her of adultery is pretty uncalled for - particularly if you won't even name the guy she is supposedly seeing.
Anonymous said…
When Looby was parade walking during her 2002 campaign, she had her husband and kids along. Now when I see her testifying on Public TV she's not wearing a wedding ring. What's a self-respecting republican doing hanging around with a baby-killing feminazi anyway? Isn't Jennifer Ring available? Self-respecting? Oh wait, you said he was an attorney didn't you?!
Anonymous said…
God bless the hypocrit in the average male. Do you want postings to start on the legislative affair rumors of the day along with the swine-like habits of several elected married men in Pierre.
PP said…
For gosh sakes, last I knew, she was no longer married, and I'm not accusing her of anything other than having a date.

Last I knew, it was not immoral, or illegal, and nothing was intended by it.

If I was going to accuse someone of adultery, I wouldn't do it unless I had a photo in hand.

And anon #3, if you are going to accuse me of being a hypocrite, at least spell it correctly.
Anonymous said…
I still want to know who the "local republican attorney who does a little lobbying" is. It takes two to go on a date. By leaving out 1/2 of the information you make this a bigger story than it should be.
Anonymous said…
I feel the need to clarify. Unfortunately for my children, I am no longer married and yes, I have recently started seeing a local (as in Pierre) attorney by the name of Kit McCahren. I am flattered and, frankly, quite surprised by the interest in my dating life.
Scott said…
I'm just jealous that it's not me.
Anonymous said…
Me too.
Anonymous said…
Incredible. What happened to the man from California that showed up at the Capital?

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