Can I get that list too? (Gimme, Gimme, Gimme)

I'm jealous. Bruce Halverson seems to have something I'd love to get a copy of.

I had a reader who happens to be a recent Augustana graduate send me a copy of the above letter and asked "Are all the Augie Grads getting these?"

Just on it's surface, when he's writing "Dear Augie Alumni" it sure seems like he's got a copy of the alumni list and he's writing to all the grads (at least SF grads) looking for moral support and a vote.

Like I said, I'm jealous. Why? Have you ever tired to get a University list for political purposes? Do you know how tough it is to get your hands on an electronic SD University alumni list with addresses? I've tried for years - it isn't easy.

In fact, I had bought the SDSU alumni directory one year with that purpose in mind (and asked the telemarketer if it was ok). When i got it, the disclaimers said that it couldn't be used for political mailings - and I was steamed.

I ended up getting my money back, but was no closer to my goal of getting the alumni list.

Why do I consider it a hot commodity? That list is potential gold. Fundraising, delivering a political message, and asking for your vote. As Bruce demonstrates above in his campaign for mayor, he knows what he has on hand.

It's one aspect of targeting your message. You try to make a connection with your electorate. As the former University President, he's speaking to people who will recognize his name as he promotes his leadership skills. He's got electoral gold here, and I can only assume he knows it.

If only he'd share it with the rest of us.


Anonymous said…
I was an undecided voter but not anymore! I am appalled at Bruce Halvorson's unethical behavior! How could Sioux Falls elect anyone as mayor who is sneaky, slimey, and unethical enough to use the Augustana College alumni list for his political gain? It is outrageous that Halvorson used his position as Augustana College president to steal the alumni list. I think Halvorson owes the people of Sioux Falls and Augustana College an apology for his actions.

I will be voting for Mayor Munson on April 25.

Is there any truth about Halvorson being forced out at Augustana College and the fact that Halvorson also applied for the president position at Black Hills State University after he "retired" at Augustana College? Has anyone else heard this?
Anonymous said…
I am voting for Mayor Munson as well after Halvorson fired negative attacks towards Mayor Munson at yesterday's Downtown Rotary Debate. In fact, I voted for Halvorson on the April 11 Election, but I am taking back my vote for the Run-Off Election. I am embarrassed that I supported Halvorson during the first election, and I am embarrassed for Augustana College to have a so called "retiring" president who acts like this. I hope more Sioux Falls residents, like me, can get informed for the Mayoral Run-Off Election.

I am hearing the same thing around Sioux Falls, regarding Halvorson's exit at Augustana College and his application at Black Hills State University. I have also heard that Halvorson has been extremely complimentary of Mayor Munson in the past. Is there any truth to this? I think it's time we find more about the real Bruce Halvorson.

In addition, I didn't know Bruce Halvorson just returned in 2000 to Sioux Falls after leaving here for over 30 years to become Augustana College's president. Now he wants to run for mayor? It seems like to me that Halvorson is just desperate for a job.
Anonymous said…
I am not voting for Bruce Halvorson because I don't want a mayor who will be a puppet for Augustana College. All I hear about in Halvorson's ads is that he is the president of Augie. I am a SDSU graduate, and I don't want an Augie lapdog as my mayor. Anyone who graduated from SDSU, USD, DSU, NSU, BHSU, USF, SD Mines, and etc. should stand up and vote against Augie's token mouthpiece. Oh, by the way, isn't USF doing much, much better in terms of enrollment and financial growth? I heard that USF will exceed Augie's enrollment within the next couple of years. It seems like Mark Benedetto (President of USF) would be far more credible of a candidate than Bruce Halvorson.
Todd Epp said…
Let's see. Just Plain Dave can have an unreported fundraiser, hand out questionable "win bonuses" long after the fact, overspend city money without telling anyone, support rec and event centers that no one wants, keeps sticking money in the Pavilion, and generally runs the city for the monied classes and you all are mad that Bruce uses an Augie mailing list and may be Augie's puppet? You all have a low threshold of outrage for Brucey and a high one for Davey.

Todd Epp
Sioux Empire Editor
S.D. Watch
Hildy Roberts said…
I wonder why it's always the anonymous people who are shocked and appalled?

Anonymous'behavior is no more slimey than than the one he's accusing.

Not to nitpick, but whoever has trouble getting their hands on alumni lists, is either new to the game, or not really trying.
PP said…
Hildy, anyone can armchair quarterback it and say "yeah, I could have gotten it."

I didn't say a person couldn't get one, but sometimes the quest can prove tricky. My experience with the SDSU list is that they are pretty tight with it. And doubly so for political purposes.

Why is it post-worthy? If you're going to use an alumni list, your source of it had better be squeaky clean.

Because if you go undercover to get it, someone could make a campaign issue about your source, as it appears the anon commenters are doing here.

And in the end, Halverson might be the perfect example of why it might not be worth the tail-biting to use the list.
mhs said…
P, you're caught up in the lack of resources at an alumni assoc. I work with over 20 colleges and universities. Most allow alums to sign up on their site, get a password and access the whole list. It's something both our schools should do, but, money is always tight.

Is it just me, or does Anon 1,2, and 3 sound exactly the same? If you're gonna do an e-slime, at least make it sound hafway legit.
Scott said…
I received one of these alum letters.
PP said…
Good point, MHS.

I might actually cause me to have to donate to SDSU. I'd been holding off since they'd promoted my advisor whom I didn't care for.

(And I don't think he liked me much either).
Anonymous said…
Hey anonymous 1 2 and 3 get it right will you? It's Halverson with a ver not vor.It shouldn't be too dificult to read it and then spell it correctly.
Aside from the fact that you can't spell, I don't think your ranting is very persausive. Vote how you like, I'm voting for Bruce.
Anonymous said…
Abbott used the USD foundation list when he ran for Governor that was no big secret.

Halverson tonight on KSOO with Rick Knobe directly addressed this question and said that he had 30 some people use the Augie public alumni directory and cross referenced it with the phone book for addresses.

The real issue is not that Halverson sent out a letter to alumni. The real question is whether the Augie foundation gave him the expedited excel spreadsheet with the names and labels. At this point it doesn't matter.

Besides, if your biggest complaint is an unverified one against your opponent you must really think the electorate is stupid.

I'm voting for Halverson because I don't want an mumblling puppet for the Munson/Daschle people to have control over the state's biggest city.

Remember the Phillips to the Falls opener when Munson was on stage with Daschle and Thune was left out in the crowd.

I say down with the Daschle/Janklow/Munson ticket and up with the Augie dude!

I'm not anonymous; i'm just political
Todd Epp said…
Now I'm really confused.
I liked Daschle.
I wanted Smith.
I don't like Munson.
I might grow to like Halverson.
Politics is sure complicated.
It's a good think the Sioux Falls mayoral race is "non-partisan."
Sure makes it all better and easier to understand.

Todd Epp
Irony Editor
S.D. Watch
Star said…
why is Hildebrand supporting Munson? that's all the reason i need to vote for the college dude
Anonymous said…
One difference on the college lists may be that SDSU is a public school and Augie is private. Also, those Bill Peterson ads for Mitch Richter sure must have worked! Must be as easy as "herding cats".
Stan said…
is the "college dude" really a drama teacher??...that's all we need. Hildebrand and Munson, huh? weird bedfellows...
Anonymous said…
The last thing Sioux Falls needs is a drama/arts individual to be mayor. Augie is losing the battle with USF, and voters are seriously considering hiring this jokester? USF is in much better financial shape than Augie. I hear that Halverson's support at Augie is even rocky, at best.

Come on, wake up Sioux Falls, the choice for mayor is easy. You can criticize Munson for the overspending and campaign reports, but you cannot take away his record and accomplishments during the last four years:

I. Phillips to the Falls finally completed.
II. Cleaned up the loop. No other mayor of councilman has been able to accomplish this.
III. Added to the police force and fire department.
IV. Helped get new fire stations planned and completed.
V. Revitalized the downtown area.
VI. Oversaw city government during the largest economic growth period in the history of Sioux Falls. Commerical and residential growth set record numbers.

These just name a few. The accomplishments speak for themselves. Vote for Dave Munson.
G-DSP--K said…
I am currently a student at Augustana College. I live, eat, exercise, and study on campus, and every day I see Dr. Halverson's impact. We have a new art building, the student Commons lounge has been renovated, recreational facilities have been expanded, and ground has been broken on our new apartment complex. I walk the halls of our academic buildings five days a week and swear as a witness to the entire blogosphere that Dr. Halverson's support from students and faculty--although not absolute--is VERY strong. Those of us who have had the privilege to get to know Dr. Halverson overwhelming agree that his experience, leadership qualities, and his uncommon ability to listen to others makes him an excellent candidate for mayor. Of course, there are some alumni and current faculty who are understandably upset about budget cuts in their favorite department (for example, Augie students can no longer minor in Norwegian) but I suspect that the majority of the claims against Halverson come from alumni who have strong loyalties to Mayor Munson, an allegiance to certain factions of the Republican Party, or some other political agenda. Their opinions are a small minority.

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