Vote for me because I am...... MASTER THESPIAN

I don't have a horse in this race, and I don't live in Sioux Falls, so it doesn't matter to me.

But with that said, I have to point out something I caught for the first time about the Sioux Falls Mayor's Race in today's Argus Leader:
Malloy owner Garry Jacobson, an old schoolmate, had invited the candidate to meet the 60-plus employees at the company.

"He's eminently qualified," Jacobson said of his friend's mayoral aspirations.

Halverson, who has a doctorate in theater, showed off the skills he picked up from the stage Monday. Before going to Malloy, Halverson faced off with Munson at a candidates' forum. Several observers at the Rotary function remarked that Halverson was indeed articulate.
A doctorate in theatre eminently qualifies a person to run a city of that size? What in the hell was I working on a Masters of Public Administration for? Why did I get an undergrad in political science? I should have gotten a degree in dance.

So if I ran for the State House with that pedigree - not only would I hold the office, but I could be "Legislator of the Dance."

Actually, with Halverson noting his doctorate in theatre, it gives me a vision of a disfigured Vincent Price running the city while playing a pipe organ, calling for his City Manager, Vulnavia.

(You have to be a vincent price fan to get that one)


mhs said…
Uh, P, hello? Ronald Reagan ring a bell?
Anonymous said…
Theatre degrees also heavily involve communication, psychology and humanities. Having a mayor who can effectively communicate with people and understand how they work is not a bad thing. He's done a great job evolving Augie so I would not be so quick to trash his management skills.
Anonymous said…
Great points. He is polished. Very polished...
PP said…
MHS - Ronald Reagan had a degree in economics and sociology.

And in doing further research, It looks like his degree is in Theatre history.

Besides, I'm more interested in his pipe organ playing skills.
Anonymous said…
I was leaning towards Halverson, but now I am voting for Munson after last nights mayoral debate. Munson outshined Halverson in the KELO debate. While Halverson talked about generalities, Munson was very sharp and talked about specifics. Halverson showed how being absent from Sioux Falls and the state of South Dakota for over 25 years hurts his credibility and his knowledge of the issues. Munson showed the fight last night that I have been looking for in each of the candidates. Munson responded quickly to all of Halverson's accusations, and he did so with professionalism and with hard, physical facts. Once I stepped back and looked at Dave Munson's accomplishments over the last four years, I finally realized how much he has done for the City of Sioux Falls. Thank you to KELO for helping me make my decision. My vote is for Dave Munson.
Anonymous said…
Dave…is that you?
Anonymous said…
I agree that Munson performed well at the debates on KELO. Munson has the experience and proven record of getting things done for Sioux Falls. His leadership has revitalized downtown Sioux Falls. For years people talked about cleaning up the loop, but Dave Munson was the one to get it done. I never would have gone downtown to spend time with friends five years ago. Now downtown is a vibrant place. Dave Munson has delivered for Sioux Falls time and time again. With so many good things happening it doesn't make sense to change horses in midstream. My vote is going for Dave Munson.
Will said…
Some Munson supporter is having a conversation with himself on this blog lately.
mhs said…
Who saw Kranz's column today about Bob Litz endorsing Pat Costello vs. Dave Volk? Volk's response starts well saying he's meeting 2,000 taxpayers at the Pancake Feed and then takes a big shot: "those people decide the election, not the Argus Leader and not Bob Litz"

Ooh, little testy. I can see taking the Argus shot, but, why would a pro like Volk take a shot at a pretty well-liked local guy he just beat by a handful of votes?

Doesn't strike me as a real smart tactic. That's a bunch of voters that may have been undecided that he just gave a reason to get out and vote.

Run-offs are about turnout. Munson will probably win because he has hard core support, especially among the Janklow bloc. Volk would probably ride that wave as well.

Something's gotta be going on here, you think? Volk's been in way too many campaigns to make an offhand comment mistake. Looks like some battle lines are pretty well drawn.
Anonymous said…
Do you really think that your college major means anything to anyone after 10, or 20, or 30 years of life experience?
G-DSP--K said…
A person's undergrad major isn't a good indicator of his or her leadership. Experience in management related areas is more important. But while we're on the topic, I think a Theatre major is pretty good background for politics. Especially if you consider that Halverson did a lot of directing. Because of theatre, he has been polishing his communication skills since he was a teen. He knows how to work an audience and is aware of how he looks in front of a crowd. And because he's done a lot of directing, he knows how to get results out of a small group of over-dramatic egomaniacs. What could be better training for learning how to run city council?

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