Lesson to candidates (and daughters):
Watch what you wear on the campaign trail

I got to Brookings last night and found my daughter wearing her pajama bottoms. The first thing out of my mouth - I hope you didn't wear those to school. And from the front page of the Brookings Register this AM, apparently she did. (I guess it's a new trend*, but it doesn't mean I have to like it).

It's actually a pretty good lesson for political candidates. If you're on the campaign trail going door to door, etc., you always need to look the part of a candidate, because you never know when you might be photographed.

One candidate I know of had been going to events in a polo shirt, which is fine for casual events. Except it was a shirt several years old that was starting to fray at the edges. The first advice he was given? Make sure you're not wearing a worn shirt.

You should be dressed conservatively, and neatly. Don't be flash or trendy, If you're going to an event, try to get a read on what people are expected to wear. Unless you are speaking, don't overdress (i.e. wearing a three piece suit to a hog roast) but don't underdress either. When I go to stuff, I usually wear a dress shirt where I can add a tie I keep in my vehicle in a moment's notice.

And for god's sake, don't wear pajamas.

*I guess it really is a trend. My brother in law who teaches college was reporting how he hates it when college students wear those casual bottoms most of us use for jammies.

And if you notice my jammie clad daughter, I did make the t-shirt for earth day last year.


These are the moments.....

Reminds me of when I went to Church one Sunday morning to hear my daughter sing a special song, up front, on stage, She wasnt wearing shoes, she was barefooted. haha. oh well, gave the old folks something to talk about. At least she wasnt running for office.

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