Stan Adelstein and Elli Schwiesow debate abortion in Rapid CIty; Stan claims to be pro-life too. Sort of.

From today's Rapid City Journal:
Republican state Sen. Stan Adelstein on Thursday defended his recent trip to Washington, D.C. to receive an award from the Planned Parenthood Federation of American for his work in defending reproductive rights. He also sparred indirectly with Elli Schiesow, his Republican opponent in the District 32 Senate primary in June, over abortion - which is likely to be key issue in their race.

During a candidate forum hosted by the Pennington County Republican Women, an audience member asked Adelstein why he accepted the Planned Parenthood award. Adelstein said he attended the Planned Parenthood Awards Gala on March 30 to clarify the current atmosphere in South Dakota on the Legislature's recent near-total ban on abortions.

"Yes, I did receive an award. I weighed carefully whether to go to Washington and decided that someone needed to tell a national audience that there is division in South Dakota on this issue," Adelstein said.
Ok. Then this discussion took a turn that I'm not so sure that I'm buying.
Adelstein said his critics were unfairly trying to distort his position on abortion. He said he would support an abortion ban only if it allowed exceptions for rape and incest victims and to protect the health of the pregnant woman.

"Those who say I support some kind of abortion on demand or late-term abortions are not telling the truth," Adelstein said.
This one is news to me. Last I knew, Stan was getting a 100% ranking by NARAL. But.... Given that it's past 1am, I'm not oging to go any further in depth than that.

I'm going to go to bed, and do a little further research on this at a later point.


Anonymous said…
Congratulations PP. The emperor has no clothes.
Stan has been stradling this issues for a long time and is a master at knowing his audience.
I have been privy to several conversations between Stan and people at NARAL and Planned Parenthood. He IS NOT for a ban on abortion if you include rape and incest. He is stead fast against ANY ban on abortion al all.
Also, the decision to go to D.C. for the award was for national exposure but not abortion exposure. It was purely political.
I do not know how he can stand up and say the things he says in public when his private comments are the exact opposite.
Please look closer at this. You will not be disappointed.
Anonymous said…
I would take a very close look at the relationship between Stan and Planned Parenthood. Specifically the Sioux Falls office.
You will figure it out for yourself eventually but what I know sickens me.
It just is not right.
Isnt this the standard approach used by the left wing nuts at election time ?, doesnt this remind you of Daschle to a T,,,

It scares me a little, that long time republicans are "surprised" by Adelstein's spin here. Of course he is pro life, always has been,just like Daschle was cough,gag,choke,hack,lol, have fun with this blog ya'all.
Anonymous said… we go again, and its about time for me to stop blogging here.

Does anyone here understand how far the SD legislature has reached? Please, stop and think. Bush doesn't support HB1216, basically Rounds has said in his typical chicken shit fashion that he doesn't support it as well...

The collective lot of you PP apologists can continue to agree with this course of action, but 1st the populous will beat you back and next, if need be will the courts. Pragmatism has its purposes, first of which is to lessen the time I have to spend thinking about the rest of you....good God, what happened this last year! Roger Hunt is your leader??


Sick and tired of you all thinking you even approach representing more than 30% the populace. Seriously, I like this blog, but who the hell believes the rest of the world is flat...other than Tom Friedman....
mike s said…
Stan IS the enemy within.
Anonymous said…
If someone were smart they would ask Stan "on the record" what his relationship is with Planned parenthood and then let him talk.
I would hang on to those statements for future use.
Anonymous said…
Why do you think it necessary for the State Director of Planned Parenthood to be joined at the hip to Adelstein?
Are there any events that they don't both show up at together?
Just a thought.
Anonymous said…
I for one could not be more disappointed with Planned parenthood on this ban.
Where were they with this before the vote? What lobbying efforts were ever done?
They have the funding, not mine anymore, Looby dropped the ball and that was one very important ball.
Anonymous said…
I don't want to dog pile on Planned Parenthood, at least until the dust settles but I have to say that given the magnitude of the abortion issue, it may have made more sense for PP to have brought in some people who might have handled this better.
I don't know the State Director and I also have no idea of her qualifications for this.
I read these blogs pretty regularly and from what I have gleaned there seems to be some issues that were extracurricular to the abortion ban with her that may have effected the overall effort but who knows.
If that's the case, she should have excused herself and let someone else with fewer distractions handle this.
Anonymous said…
The way Adelstein is running Planned Parenthood in South Dakota is a case of the tail wagging the dog.
His "unofficial" position as a consultant will haunt them for ever. Who ever brought him into the organization should lose their job.
Anonymous said…
If you believe that church and state should be separate then you should believe that Planned Parenthood and Stan Adelstein should be separate also.
Planned Parenthood should be run as one consistant Organization with direction from N.Y. not Adelstein.
Does Richards have any idea what is happening out here. She is a big believer in grassroots efforts and this is NOT grassroots.
The implication that Adelstein is using the Organization for his own gain should be looked into. It is not fair to the thousands of people who donate money to PP. I stopped my contributions after the State Director refused to return my calls.
Anonymous said…
You know when this whole abortion thing started, I figured that PP would come in and be more than able to convince the Legislature that it was a bad Bill and that would be that.
What happened?
The whole thing got side tracked somehow. Attacks on Leslie Unruh, criticism of the far right and just general mud slinging at each other accomplished absolutely nothing.
I just finished a search on the main charactures in this bad play. Nothing but personal attacks on everyone that have nothing to do with the process.
One example: I ran a search on Kate Looby. Back in the heat of this mess, there was a blog on being seen running around with a man other than her husband while she was married. What the hell does that have to do with the price of milk.
Other searches came up with tax scemes, business failures, etc.
What was everyone thinking? Now we are left with most likely the worse piece of Legislation the State has ever come up with.
This might not have happened if people had focused on the real problem, not who owes back taxes and who is sleeping with whom.
Anonymous said…
The two people who's motives you can least trust in the abortion issue happen to be closely related.
Stan Adelstein and Kate Looby.
If there were ever two more disingenuouss people in South Dakota I have not meet them.
Neither could give a damn about abortion. Their only cause is themselves and abortion just happens to be the highest profile way to get to where they want to go.
Anonymous said…
Come on, Stan has said a hundred times that Jewdao Doctrine says the abortion is fine in any circumstance.
I have no idea if it does or not but that's what he says.
Do a Google search for Jewish law, then "search within results" for abortion. Many links, most will tell you pre-marital sex and adultery are absolutely forbidden. In that context,does judaic law permit abortion on demand as a means of birth control for a promiscuous society ? I dont think so. Stan is using one law out of an entire culture of laws for his own personal convenience. As near as I can tell, the womans life is of more importance than the babies so to protect the womans life judaic law permits abortion. But it really only applies if you are living according to the entire law. In a nut shell judaic law permits abortion only to protect the life of the woman. Jewish society is like most, in that there is a wide range of opinions on any subject. I assume there are Rabbi that condone abortion for any reason.
Anonymous said…
This site disagrees with Stan's "reformed" body of faith.

As Pro-Life Jews, We Will Not Be Deceived By 'Choice'

Jews For Life is an organization created to reflect the traditional Jewish pro-life perspective on abortion. Our purpose is to provide our readers with the facts about the tragic consequences that have befallen women and our culture since Roe v. Wade was enacted into law. Jews For Life maintains that life, both born and unborn, is sacred and worthy of protection. The current so-called 'pro-choice' position of mainstream liberal Jewish organizations is antithetical to the traditional teachings of our faith
Anonymous said…
Everyone is all on Stan for his connection to planned parenthood, but what about BROCK GREENFIELD being the Executive Director for South Dakota Right to Life?

Bet you don't have any problems with that connection, do you?
Anonymous said…
Anyone notice lately that Kate Looby has been pulled from the spot light? she must of gotten her butt chewed for her ineffectiveness. Perhaps she was too busy playing with her "followers" and not doing her job? She is not qualified to be in the position she is in. Stan has his head in the clouds and lives way above us all. He seems to re-write Jewish traditions and beliefs. His take on "his faith" is that of picking and choosing what parts he feels good about. It is not the foundation of Jewish beliefs from the core. Many non-Jewish people don't understand that this is not the same beliefs.
PP said…
Anon 11:54 - I would point out that Brock isn't accepting awards from RTL and trying to portray himself as pro-choice, either.
Anonymous said…

I would point out, though, that he works for an organization that collects dues based on their legislative agenda.

BROCK GREENFIELD's group pays his salary to be a legislator.

It's unethical. It really is. Knowing you, PP, I can't believe you aren't ranting and raving about it.

His group lays out a specific legislative platform and introduces bills to cover them. He collects dues based on his ability to do so. Shady. Very shady.
Anonymous said…
Adelstein has "edited" his own religion to further his points with the left. Taking religious views out of context for political reasons is sickening.
Anonymous said…
I have contributed financially to Planned Parenthood for almost 11 years. When I found out what was happening between Adelstein and the Sioux Falls office, I stopped.
It's corupt and it all happened right in front of our faces.
I think it was as much the temerity of the issue that bothered me as it was the blatent disregard for why Planned Parenthood is there.
They have lost their way and the whole thing was orchestated by two very selfish people.
Let me know when there are any changes with management and I will open my check book again. It is too good a cause to throw away.
PP said…
Anon 12:47 -

I'll give it to you that's it's an area that might have some concerned. But then do we disqualify Rebekkah Cradduck for representing healthcare organziations, Ed Olson for representing mainstreamers, etc. Heck, why don't we disqualify everyone from legislating based on their area of employment.
Anonymous said…
anon 3:55

The character of the people in Office and running Organizations like Planned Parenthood does matter.
If they choose to not live up to what is expected of them then they need to find other work.
When they open themselves up to criticisim for bad personal behavior it is enjoined with their position and that criticism gets further enjoined with the Organization they work for whether it be political or advocacy work.
The key word here is "work" If you are in politics you work for the people and they have certain expectations of you. That's why they voted for you. In private corporations you work for your company. They hired you to do a specific job and they expect you to do that first above all. Not use it to further your own image.
What Kate and Stan are doing is not criminal but it's damn close.
Anonymous said…

I think you elect people on their background. I wouldn't mind someone being involved with RTL, or even being employed by the Heath Care Industry.

However, when you belogn to a dues-paying organization that can actually put in legislation, you are electing a lobbyist. When the lobbyist doesn't quit their job, their credibiility is compromised. Thune became a senator, and he stopped working for DM&E. He still supports and believes in their mission, but, he isn't on their payroll.

There's something grossly wrong with what Greenfield is doing. It's dishonest, and says alot about his view of democracy.
Anonymous said…
Anon 8:24

What did Kate Looby do before Planned Parenthood?
I think employeeing a little more tact might go a long way in the future, if there is one.
Anonymous said…
I would like to try to get to the bottom of this Planned Parenthood issue with Adelstein.
Why would Planned Parenthood allow someone from outside the Organization run things there.
I don't understand. There is nothing wrong with trying to gain some insight into issue that are critical and to do that with suggestions from others, but turning over the reigns to an outsider who might have other motives is just bad management.
Planned Parenthood turned a blind eye to what is going on. They have their job and Stan has his, why the takeover? If you are supposed to be running and Organization and getting paid to do so, then do it. Don't turn it over to someone else because you busy with other things. Do your job or find something else to do.
plain confused said…
So, what is going on with Planned P and Stan and Kate, etc? Apparently you bloggers assume we all know what you mean, but I don't. I'm trying to read between the lines and figure this all out. Also, Anon 12:47 & 6:52, Brock is not paid by SDRTL to be a legislator, the State pays him just like they pay everyone else. RTL pays him to be their Ex.Director just like they've paid others in the past. The RTL cannot put in legislation, each bill must be sponsored by a legislator or by a branch of government. Any organization can draft or suggest bills, whether they have dues or not. What difference does dues make? The education sector lobbies in Pierre every day, but I don't hear many screaming that teachers or administrators shouldn't be able to be in the legislature.
Anonymous said…
The difference with greenfield, though, is that his organization collects dues to pay his salary. He can then influence legislation by introducing bills himself.

His job is to be the Exec. Director of that organization. To further anti-abortion legislation. His position in the legislaure allows him to support that.

Teachers and what not, they're job is to educate children. They get paid for that.

I know the state pays Greenfield to be a legislator. What I am saying though, is there is a atypical conflict of interest, with a non-profit advocacy organization being able to introduce legislation that furthers their agenda. Other lobbyists have to go through legislators, in this case, the lobbyist is the legislator.

Its not honest. Its a loophole that needs to be closed.

Either that, or he excuses himself from votes on abortion and doesn't introduce legislation that further pro life causes.
PP said…
Anon 12:17 -

Show us an abortion related bill that Brock was the prime sponsor on since taking over as RTL ED.

He's only prime sponsored one during his tenure, and that was before taking the job.
Anonymous said…
If anyone would like to let Planned Parenthood know how you feel about Stan.
Cecile Richards (212) 541-7800
Cecile is the President of Planned parenthood.
Sarah Stoesz (651) 698-2401
Sarah is her senior in Minn.
Let them know how you feel.
These are both office numbers.
Anonymous said…
anon 8:24

Kate Looby is not now behind the scenes because of the great job she did with here lobbying effort and the landslide vote against her and Planned parenthood.
Ask any Republican in Pierre, "If it's got Looby's name on it, vote against it".
It was in the best interest of PP to cirle the wagons around her. She is a real liability.
Anonymous said…
Will someone please spill the beans? What is Stan's relationship with PP and Looby? It has been implied that the situation stinks. What is the story?
PP said…
If someone knows, let me know at
Anonymous said…
How exactly did Stan get nominated for his award from Planned parenthood and who nominated him?
Look there first.
Anonymous said…
I just read this blog and I am wondering why Adelstein would have to defend his acceptance of the award if he did not do anything wrong.
Where there is smoke there is fire and someone needs to figure this out.
Anonymous said…
In the mail on Friday we recieved a letter from Jennifer Newberg at Planned Parenthood in Minn. acknowledging our donation to Planned Parenthood for fiscal 2005.
If anyone cares to discuss this issue with her she can be reached at (651) 698-2401
They won't be getting any money from here until they explain this whole thing, and they need to that well before November.
Anonymous said…
You guys are idiots. First of all the bill is hb1215, not hb1216, which deals with education. Second, if Elli got her way a girl brutally raped (see Napolied) by her dad would be forced to carry the pregnancy to term and her dad would have parental rights. That is moraly wrong. Stan has the correct mainstream view. You should be ashamed to call yourselves Christians.
Anonymous said…
to 1:24 pm anonymous identifying the bloggers as idiots and ashamed to be called Christians... He who cast the first stone.. lets stick with the issues-Abortion is a hard issue to discuss, however in the less than 1/10th of 1% that the horrible(incest/rape creating life) happens, where do YOU draw the line.. can we say it is OK to kill a child because of circumstance-believe me its tough, but life is life-and we can not kill because we do not like it. Lets look at Gods law as the true moral law, not our own made up moral law. back to the issue- Stan (if he had been focused) should not have had anthing to do with planned parenthood. For someone as intelligent as he is, to be involved with a pro abortion group(call it what it is) in a state that defeats Daschle(even with all of his "Clout"), makes national press with our MORAL stance on killing babies, and is PRO-LIFE... perhaps an error in judgment, perhaps true colors shining thru... its time for a change.

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