More Halverson versus Munson

The Argus Leader reported this AM that the rhetoric in the mayor's race is starting to heat up. Or it's going from slightly chilled to tepid. From the Argus:
Bruce Halverson raised the level of rhetoric in the mayor's race on Monday by criticizing Mayor Dave Munson's management and leadership skills.

It was the first time that Halverson - or any other candidate - publicly criticized Munson for some of the issues that dogged him during the past year.

Munson, meanwhile, continued with the central theme of his re-election strategy by highlighting the successes of his four-year tenure.

Halverson listed several events that he said were examples of weak leadership in City Hall.

He questioned Munson's organizational and communication skills, and he pointed out that Munson presided over an administration that saw controversies about overspending, campaign finance, a failed recreation center and a major funding increase for the zoo.

"I agree that Dave Munson is a good man," Halverson said. "He is a kind man, he is a gentle man."
Read it all here. Halverson raised the rhetoric by saying Dave is "a kind man, he is a gentle man?" Well, that and the rhetoric on Munson which Sioux Falls news outlets have gone after with gusto for the past six months.

From what I'm hearing, Munson's campaign has some steam behind it, and they aren't going to lay down and die. In fact, Halverson may have done a bad thing by taking a slap at Munson, because now the opposition has a perfect opening to return the volley.

And it may not be the softball that was lobbed towards Munson.


Anonymous said…
Halverson's theatrical training was in fine form yesterday...

His twisted use of Marc Antony's funeral oration from Julius Caesar ('Munson is an honorable man!') was brilliant.

His ability to create statistics out of thin air ('80% of Sioux Falls folks don't support a downtown events center') was remarkable.

Maybe Sioux Falls wants an actor as Mayor...

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