Deadlines approaching...

I was just checking, and tomorrow will make it one week since I sent off my '10 questions with..' to Bill Stegmeier on the topic of the Judicial Accountability measure. As you might recall, I said I'd give them about a week to respond.


Anonymous said…
What are the odds:
1) You get any answer?
2) You get a complete answer to all 10 questions?
3) You get an answer within the 7 day timeframe?
4) You get an answer that was not written by Branson, Zerman and Russell out of California?

My guesses:
1) You will get something
2) It will be complete in that there will be 10 "answers" but they may have nothing to do with the question asked
3) It will not be within 7 days
4) It will be written by the California Shell Game people, with Bonnie probably taking the lead
Wild Bill said…
I'm hoping Bonnie and her bonkers buddies from the land of fruits and nuts explains what part of the Constitution they got the presumption of guilt from.
Anonymous said…
I agree Wild Bill the Constitution as it reads now has nothing about a presumption of guilt.

But if J.A.I.L./Amendment E passes, that will change because "All allegations in the complaint shall be liberally construed in favor of the complainant."

So judges and others who have complaints filed against them will be PRESUMED GUILTY unless they prove to the Special Grand Jury they are not.

Cute, huh?

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