Look, up in the banner.. It's a candidate

I had someone ask me a little while back who the people in the banner were up at the top of the page and I promised to make note of it. So, as requested - here's who's gracing this page for the moment.

Lance Russell - Candidate for Circuit Court Judge
Stephanie Herseth - Incumbent Candidate for Congress
Jarrod Johnson - Candidate for the Office of School and Public Lands
Russ Olson - Candidate for State House
Frank Kloucek - Incumbent Candidate for State Senate
Bryce Healy - Incumbent Candidate for the Office of School and Public Lands
Elli Schwiesow - Candidate for State Senate
Brock Greenfield - Incumbent Candidate for State Senate
Rich Engels - Candidate for State House
Brian Johnson - Candidate for State Senate
Bill Napoli - Incumbent Candidate for State Senate
Bruce Whalen - Candidate for Congress
Eric Cartman as Stan Adelstein at the Abortion Task Force
Samantha Stormo - Candidate for State House


farmer boy said…
Thanks for the info. Russ Olson's looks fake, is he really standing ina hay field?
PP said…
Click on his picture. It's taken from his website.
Anonymous said…
So, you say it's $20 a month to be up there? Who pays and who doesn't. Can you tell us.
Anonymous said…
Just refresh your browser on Olson's website a few times, and you can see that it is "fake," i.e. his picture is superimposed over a variety of scenery.
PP said…
Anon 6:46 - none are paid at the moment. That's why they might change at a moment's notice, and nobody's name is inthe graphic with their picture.

But if you want a paid one - $20 a month is a pretty good bargain.

And anon 2:26 - OF COURSE it's superimposed (and, so what). I love that effect on his website. I wish I knew how to do it where it rotates the backgrounds like that,

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