I sense a political statement here.

I just got this from State Senator Bill Napoli.

Now THAT's what I like seeing from Bill. And it's darned funny.


Sara said…
Looks like bird flu has struck Hermosa.
Anonymous said…
What's the story? Where is this? Who did it ? Why?
Anonymous said…
Napoli Supporter said…
Open season on Pink Flamingos! Senator Napoli bagged his limit with this one, it's the greatest. Love your humor Bill.
Todd Epp said…

Todd Epp
Avian Affairs Editor
S.D. Watch http://thunewatch.squarespace.com
Bob Newland said…
I told you.
Anonymous said…
Without a doubt,to those members of the United Poultry Concerns, this is Disturbing.
Mr. Clean said…
Hermosa authorities have concluded the Pink Flamingos deaths are a result of ingesting too much "weed" OVERDOSE!

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