JP Proudly announces that she's running for office again. But where's "founding member of the MAINstream Coalition" on her extensive resume?

From today's Rapid City Journal Senator J.P. Duniphan announces her re-election campaign, and lists numerous things she's proud to have done on her resume. But where's the MAINstream coalition?:
She is chairwoman of the Senate Local Government Committee and serves on the Health and Human Services Committee. She is chairwoman of the State Corrections Commission and chairwoman of the Interstate Compact of Prisoners Commission.

Duniphan previously served eight years in the state House of Representatives, where she was a majority whip and a member of the legislative Executive Board.

“One of the bills I am most proud of that I sponsored was the one that set up a training program for all the 911 dispatchers across the state that allows them to go to Pierre for professional and consistent training regardless of the size of the community they came from,” Duniphan said in the news release.

Duniphan has served for three years on the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services. She visited bases around the world, “advising the top levels at the Pentagon and the Secretary of Defense on improving conditions for female soldiers and families in the military.”

“I am very proud to have been one of 13 appointed to this commission and the only member from the Midwest, and it was an honor to meet directly with members of our armed forces and hear their comments and concerns,” Duniphan said.

Duniphan is chairwoman of the Pennington County Housing and Redevelopment Commission, a member of the NRA, a member of the board of the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology Hardrocker Club and a member of the Ellsworth Task Force.

“It is terrific that we were able to keep Ellsworth off of the final BRAC list, and now we have the finance center located here,” Duniphan said. “This is only the beginning of how our working together can mean more missions and opportunities for Ellsworth Air Force Base, and more jobs and growth for our area.”

Duniphan has also been chairwoman of the Black Hills Workshop Advisory Board, the Rapid City Convention and Visitors Bureau board and the Rapid City Emergency Medical Services Board. She has been a member of the Rapid City Chamber of Commerce executive board, the Black Hawk Kiwanis and the Johnson Siding Volunteer Fire Department advisory board. She is a graduate of Leadership Rapid City and a former Rapid City Citizen of the Month.
Read it all here. I find it curious that a few of the founders of the MAINstream coalition find themselves up for primary elections but you never see them mention that affiliation in their press releases.

Just stirring the pot.


Anonymous said…
Probably because they know the "mainstream " label would be a liability in a GOP Primary. It's another example of those libs not being totally honest
nonnie said…
Amen. So it's up to the voters to remind the candidates what they had previously done and said. And I hope they do!

We have a candidate in our district too who needs to be reminded of a few of his previous statements. Problem is he is a genuinely nice guy and going negative, or honestly questioning him which could be perceived as negative, would probably backfire.
On a different note, It amazed me how all the mainstreamers kept their leadership posiions during this last session. Had I been in Pierre, I would have pressed for their DEMOTION. If term limits leave these nuts as the senior members, I bet they remove all the conservative republicans from leadership. It was a terrible mistake to ignore these folks attacks on their own party and continue as if nothing happened by leaving them in leadership positions. Ed Olson as chair of senate education for one.

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