It must be Tuesday

As if there isn't enough Republican bashing on a daily basis over on Mt. Blogmore, today's topic is trying to channel all the love that's exhibited towards the GOP:

So, former state Rep. Jack Billion makes it official this week, kicking off his campaign as the Democratic candidate for governor.

Dennis Wiese has already made the statewide tour. And both of them, while obviously facing each other in their party’s primary in June, are already aiming their criticism at Republican Gov. Mike Rounds.

If you were campaign managers for one of the other, how would you attack the sitting governor?

Read it here.

Actually, if it were me, I'd ask the question which is possibly more pertinent. If you were Billion or Wiese, how would you differentiate yourself from your opponent and win the Democratic Primary?


nonnie said…
Maybe this is their strategy. Between Wiese and Billion the Dems don't care who wins the primary and neither do the candidates, but anything that can be done to soften up Rounds will be to their advantage in the fall. And I'm sure their willing partner, the Argus, will be helping along the way however they can.

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