Dennis Wiese is hell bent on having the budget reserve spent.

According to a Terry Woster article in today's Argus Leader, Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Dennis Wiese has a large focus in his campaign - tapping into the State's budget reserve:

The trust fund

From the opening day of his campaign, Wiese has focused on the more than $1 billion in various trust accounts and reserve funds controlled by state government. Although some of those funds are locked away, some could be opened with a three-fourths vote of the Legislature.

"We have the money," Wiese says. "We lack the will to use it wisely."


Within the first 100 days of a Wiese administration, there'd be action to open some of the reserves to increase state aid to schools or there'd be a fight between him and the Legislature, he said.

"And if we couldn't win there, we'd take it to the ballot and let the people decide who should keep their tax money," he said.
And Dennis doesn't stop there in going into the reserves:
During an empty stretch of Highway 18 that skirts the Nebraska border east of Bonesteel, Wiese outlines a plan to take $5 million from the property-tax reserve and use it for low-interest loans to gas stations statewide that will buy blender pumps to make mixes of ethanol-blend fuel from 10 percent to 85 percent.
I'm sensing a pattern here.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like Wiese has it right. Why should the government keep $1billion locked up for a rainy day...wouldn't $500million be alright?

Investing in schools, investing in energy security...ya, sounds like a plan to me.

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