Speaking of Bruce Whalen from a couple of posts down, a memorial day message

Got an e-news bulletin from Bruce Whalen in my mailbox tonight with a memorial day message for South Dakotans :
Happy Memorial Day

As thousands of South Dakotans hit the highways this Memorial Day weekend they will first be stopping by their local gas stations and are in for a painful experience. Gas prices continue to hover just under the $3 mark across the state and Bruce Whalen thinks it's time something is done!

As a member of Congress, Bruce Whalen would do three things to help keep our energy costs down:

1. Vote to allow oil and natural gas exploration and production in ANWR. "The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a great untapped resource we have in this country," said Whalen. "Production in a safe and responsible manner would have a huge impact and help us to become energy independent."

2. Fight for increased production of ethanol and biodiesel. "South Dakota is quickly becoming a leader in production of alternative fuels, but we can't stop now," said Whalen. "Ethanol and biodiesel are environmentally-friendly, reliable and cost-efficient sources of renewable energy and they are key components to ending our addiction to foreign oil."

3. Promote development of new technology. "America has always been a leader in developing new ways of doing things," Whalen said. "We need to invest our resources now in finding the new wave of innovation on energy production. We owe it to our children and grandchildren."

Bruce Whalen knows the hit high gas prices can have on a family and he has a clear plan. "South Dakota and America shouldn't be held hostage by high gas prices when we have the opportunity to change that," he said. "I will work hard in Congress to see to it that we take those opportunities."

Happy Memorial Day, travel safe and vote Bruce Whalen for U.S. Congress!
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Anonymous said…
"Happy Memorial Day, travel safe and vote Bruce Whalen for U.S. Congress!"

You can be sure we will!!!

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