5,4,3 & 2 are on the ballot just for you. Well, actually most people will vote no on them. But someone out there had to like them

The Rapid City Journal is reporting tonight on more ballot initiatives being certified for the November ballot in South Dakota by Secretary of State Chris Nelson:
South Dakota voters this fall will decide the fate of ballot measures that seek to boost the tax on cigarettes, allow marijuana for medical purposes, prohibit an early starting date for school and limit the use of state airplanes, a state official announced Thursday. Secretary of State Chris Nelson had announced earlier this month that sufficient petition signatures had been filed to put the tobacco tax and school starting date measures on the November ballot.

Nelson's office on Wednesday determined that enough signatures had been filed to qualify the medical marijuana and state airplane proposals for the ballot.

The four proposed laws will join four proposed constitutional amendments on the fall ballot. South Dakota voters also are likely to decide whether to accept the bill passed by the Legislature that would ban nearly all abortions in South Dakota.

In addition, the court system is expected to determine whether public votes can be held on two other proposed laws that seek to repeal the video lottery and a tax on cellular telephone companies.

The proposed laws that will appear for sure on the November ballot have been given ballot numbers.

Nelson said the tobacco tax will be Initiated Measure 2, the school starting date will be Initiated Measure 3, the medical marijuana proposal will be Initiated Measure 4, and the proposed restrictions on using state planes will be Initiated Measure 5.
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Anonymous said…
Yes on 2, no on the rest. If people want to smoke, they can pay; it's a bad habit and maybe people will think twice about starting if they have to pay more.

I would also favor a tax on a bottle/can of pop dedicated to school funding, and I'd end up paying that one. But no one seems interested in taxing this vice.
Anonymous said…
Vote YES on Initiated Measure 4 -- An Act to provide for safe access to medical marijuana for certain qualified persons.

Nonnie, let's tax stupidity. Then you might be broke.

For more on the medical marijuana issue in South Dakota log on to www.sd4mm.blogspot.com
lexrex said…
ain't it curious that the state will let the people vote on tax increases but not on tax cuts?

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