Someone must have gotten an unhappy phone call

The Rapid City Journal is breaking the news tonight that Senator Stan Adelstein is yanking an ad where he's appearing with Governor Rounds. Sounds to me like someone got an unhappy call:

State Sen. Stan Adelstein said Thursday afternoon that he would stop running part of a television campaign ad showing him shaking hands with Gov. Mike Rounds because it could give viewers the impression that the governor is endorsing Adelstein in the District 32 Republican primary.

“I’m going to pull that part of the ad,” Adelstein said. “I’ll get it down as quickly as I can. I assured the governor that it would not be up over the weekend.”
Read it here tonight, and the full story in the Rapid City Journal tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
Whoa!!! Ain't that the pot calling the kettle black.

Rounds did exactly the same thing already this year. His campaign film crew went with him to Roberts County where Marion had created an official public meeting on education. Using an official meeting as a campaign prop, Rounds got a nifty shot of himself shaking hands with former Democratic House Assistant Leader Kent Frerichs at the meeting.

Well, that clip just so happened to end up at the end of the ad ... um, accidently. After a heavy rotation for a week or two, someone complained and only when exposed did Marion have the ad pulled and he phoned Frerichs to apologize. It turns out he did not have Frerichs' permission and Frerichs was displeased.

If I were Stan I'd tell Marion to kiss my keester and clean up his own act before whining about being seen shaking hands with one of Rounds' biggest campaign contributors. Or maybe Marion doesn't need the bailout again from Adelstein ...

What a phony!
Anonymous said…
Shades of Daschle hugging Bush! But Bush didn't demand that he pull the ad. And the people saw thru the phoniness all by themselves. Actually wasn't that hard!

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