And my marketing push begins

Sorry about the lack of updates over Lunch. Blogger was down, and I was busy working on part of my marketing push to take the SDWC to the next level.

You've noticed the first part, with actual advertisers, and I'm bound to have more on the way. It's going to pay off for them, as I'm on track for another terrific month.

As of this afternoon, I'm working on my second best month ever, with a full week left to go. On some weeknights, I'm reaching over 800+ visitors giving me 1900+ hits. And that's in a single night.

I'm not going to let the cat out of the bag yet, but let's just say I worked on something today that hopefully will increase my visibility. I can probably report on it starting next week.


Aaron Lorenzen said…
PP what is the e-mail that i need to get a SDWC t-shirt. Would the T-Shirts be the WWPPD?
PP said…
Actually, someone else made those. But give me an evening or two to design and I might be able to accomodate you.
Aaron Lorenzen said…
Let me know, I would deffinitly be willing to purchase one of those from you.

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