GOP State Rep takes over Abortion Advocacy Group

The Associated Press is reporting today that a Republican State Legislator is in charge of an abortion related organization. And it's not Brock Greenfield and Right to Life. Today, they're reporting that State Representative Casey Murschel is now Executive Director for South Dakota NARAL:

Republican state Rep. Casey Murschel of Sioux Falls has been named to take over as executive director of the National Abortion Rights Action League Pro-Choice South Dakota, effective Tuesday.

Murschel, who succeeds Thelma Underberg in the role, is serving her third term in the Legislature. She also served on the Sioux Falls City Council.

Murschel said her group will be a resource for people and political candidates on issues and will actively oppose an abortion ban that's on South Dakota's Nov. 7 general election ballot.

"As many have said, the law simply goes too far," she said in a release. "This level of government intrusion in personal and private matters is not the answer."

Read it here at the Argus Leader.


Anonymous said…
"As many have said, the law simply goes too far."

...this coming from the new leader of the National Abortion Rights Action League Pro-Choice South Dakota.

Anything less than abortion as a means of birth control is extreme in her world.

So, Casey and Kate, what wouldn't be "too far" in you opinion? Let's not forget, your side is killing 800+ South Dakotans and 1 million+ Americans each year in the name of "choice." Where I come from, people thing you're the ones who have gone "too far."

Make no mistake, while Casey and Kate try to come across as the voices of moderation, they are in the business of killing unborn babies. Be honest Casey, there is no abortion restriction in the world that you would find agreeable. In other words, absolutely anything would "go too far." Even preventing a teacher who impregnates one of his students from taking her across state lines for an abortion. Where was NARAL on that (federal)issue last week?

Let me guess. "It goes too far."
todd douglas said…
So let me get this straight. . . Republicans are extremists and their "Big Tent" does not really have room for anyone who favors allowing abortions.
But now the primary abortion rights group in the state is going to be run by a sitting Republican legislator.
Sounds like a pretty "Big Tent" with room for lots of different opinions to me.
I guess the voters will sort it all out in November.
Anonymous said…
Why are they fighting restrictions on abortion?

They claim: they want the right for a woman to choose. MONEY is the real reason, Casey and Kate don't give one hoot about a woman's right to choose. They are in it for the bucks and they don't care how many they kill or hurt.
Anonymous said…
In it for the bucks?

Unfortunately, that's how too many republicans think. They're all about controling money, supposedly letting the market decide.

Well, guess what, the market will sure decide to go in one way if airheads regulate it in that direction.

Why not just let the market decide whether abortions are going to take place? If there isn't a demand for it, there won't be any abortions.

Let the market decide. Let the market decide.

Part of the Republican mantra that only means something when they want it to.

Shameful. Embarassing. South Daktota GOP.
Anonymous said…
Anons 1:02 and 7:56,
Is your rhetoric so virulent because you understand that Casey Murschel can run circles around Leslee Unruh, Roger Hunt, and the rest of the social crusader movement? Or do you simply have nothing better to do than personally attack a woman who was a active, forward-thinking and, let's not forget, REPUBLICAN legislator just because you feel differently about one issue? Either way, I think you should be really proud of yourselves for behaving in such a mature, classy way. Seriously, way to go!
Anonymous said…
What money, beside a probably paltry anuual salary, would be in it for Casey Murschel?
Anonymous said…
I guarantee it is not paltry, and she is not running for re-election. She will not be missed in Pierre, and, no, she could not run circles around those others. Another RINO.
Anonymous said…
Really, 11:40? How much *is* she making, then, and how do you know this?
Anonymous said…
I've seen the salary agreement, and believe me, it *is* paltry. I'm not entirely sure why Casey has decided to give up on a political future to take this job, but with what they're paying her, it must be because she really believes in what she's doing.
Anonymous said…
Casey Murschel is a burned-out bulb. Few legislators have been so tactless as utter the words "the butt crack of dawn" on the floor, but that's what you can expect when you're dealing with Casey. That's what distinguishes her from the aforementioned Hunt and Unruh. Hunt and Unruh are classy.
Anonymous said…
Anon 10:11, that's a compelling point about free market economics. Your argument is lending to a discussion on whether hitmen should be allowed to legally knock people off. According to your logic, all murder could be legalized, and we could let the free market work things out. And, oh the possibilities for the meth industry....
K said…
Hunt and Unruh are classy.


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