Senate Bill 156 and Touching Fred Phelps Jr. on the rear.

If any of you remember Senate Bill 156 of this year, it was in response to the Westboro Church's picketing of the funerals of fallen soldiers because of their perception that it in some way deaths through war or mining tragedy are because of gay marriage, etc.

It passed unanimously because, let's face it. These guys are not exhibiting behavior that falls within normal societal standards. In fact, some might even call them clinically insane. Otherwise simply known as 'nuts.'

In fact, they are so loathed, that it started a movement in opposition to them called the Patriot Riders to block their protests at the funerals of fallen soldiers.

As I was perusing over my lunch hour, I came across this gem. (quicktime or other player) It gave me a good laugh.

On an Australian Television comedy show, they sent a "reporter" to the US to interview Fred Phelps Jr. as he protested. And then it went down hill about the time the reporter started getting... a little friendly.

Enjoy the rest of your day! Yet again, I'm on the road to Brookings in my gas guzzling pickup.


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