Does this mean that Burt Tollefson might jump in the race?

Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate Tom Gerber cites his advanced age as onw of the reasons he's running for the job in an Associated Press article in today's Rapid City Journal:
Most South Dakotans have never heard of Tom Gerber, but the retired management consultant from Sturgis hopes to change that. As the Libertarian Party's candidate for governor, he will travel throughout the state introducing himself and his ideas. Gerber said his backgrounds as a teacher, business manager and consultant give him the experience to change South Dakota's economy, education system, tax structure and health-care system.

"I think in a very practical way, but I also try to tie it in with ethical and humanitarian aspects," Gerber said.

Gerber, 81, said he decided to run because he believes the state needs someone with his outlook. He said he has always admired Ben Franklin, who took an active part in the American Revolution and helped build the nation's government.

"I felt if he could do it at an advanced age, I certainly shouldn't shirk that," Gerber said.
Read it all here in the Rapid City Journal as he also talks about such things as draconian measures for people going through divorce. (So much for Libertarians being for limited government)


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