Governor Rounds on Inside Keloland

I only caught a little bit of this tonight, but Inside KELOland featured the Governor talking at length about the drought situation in SD. Go Here:


If you want to watch the interview for yourself (streaming Windows Media File)


Anonymous said…
P, I've been waiting almost a week now for you to post concerning the comments Joel R. made about the "not-so-big" tent the party's become. My old boss Frank Brost is also quoted at length.

Governor Rounds also quotes Mickelson's favorite line: "government is made by those who show up", and makes a very good point that moderates are rarely seen these days around party functions.

Your past comments about the big tent would seem to make this a must-post for you. Miss it, or too busy using a gas-guzzling farm vehicle to haul plastic toys? (nice job on the ratchets, by the way, I don't strap my Harley down that well)
Anonymous said…
I think he noted it here:

on 12:30 am on the 20th
PP said…

Anon is right, I did mention the article. I didn't go into it in much detail, as I think I've said many times that if that moderates want the party to be more moderate, then they need to go out and do the hard work.

That's what conservatives did.

Oh, and I strapped down my cement mixer. It's slightly more manly than the FIscher Price Magic Kitchen.

But my 18 month old does love her toy.

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