More Candidate Websites: Cradduck, Diedrich, and Gant

Hot off the press, I've had two more candidate websites brought to my attention. The first one belongs to Rebecca Cradduck (disclaimer, yes she is a paid advertiser) who is running for the District 11 Senate Seat against Jason Gant:

What do I think of it? It's graphically very pleasing, and it goes along with the theme of her printed materials. It's a good looking website. It's only a single page at this point, so I'd expect it to be beefed up with position papers, photos, and other miscellaneous information in the near future. The purpose for a candidate to do a website is to act as a resource and repository for information for those who want to find out more - enabling you to cut down on extraneous printed materials.

So, it's hard to comment now, as I expect it has more information that will be added as we approach the campaign. But for now, go visit it at

The other website that just came on-line is for Larry Diedrich, who is running to recapture his old legislative seat in the State Senate now held by Jim Peterson:

Larry's website is more driven by text than graphics, but it's full of information about him, it has plenty of pictures, things for supporters to do, etcetera and so on. If you visit it, there's no doubt on what Larry supports, or what a prospective voter or supporter can do to help him get elected.

You can go see it at

Not so "hot off the press" is an ongoing website that current State Senator Jason Gant has had for some time.

It's very well done, and if you go to the news page, you can see he does a good job of keeping it up to date. Tons of information - nearly anything you'd want to know about him. My only gripe with it would be to change the "2005 session" button to something more generic.

Otherwise it serves as a great place for voters and constituents to come calling. You can see it here at

Lastly, I noticed this one today as part of his bio in a newsletter for a speaking engagement for PUC candidate John Koskan at a utility organization's upcoming convention. The bio advertised the website at So tonight, I made the trip over to his place on the internet superhighway.

Argh. The dreaded "coming soon" page.

Me, I wouldn't advertise it until it was ready. But, it's a small fault, and I'll come back soon to check it out as soon as it's up.

Until then, stay tuned.


Anonymous said…

I think you’re wrong about Koskan’s website. It currently lists his legislative accomplishments and vision for the future. I attended convention and was bummed out that Tim Rounds didn’t run—he is far superior to Koskan.

From a very reliable source, I heard Randy Frederick called Koskan “a crazy, nuclear-powered-obsessed, west-river, home-schooler, white male…” and was desperately trying to reach Carol Pitts (former state legislator) in Germany to beg her to run.

By the way, Diedrich is a great guy (and so is his wife). Cradduck will beat Gant especially when people start looking at his appropriations record (allowing record government spending but go after PBS?--yes, I know what he said about his vote but everyone in the committee room know he voted to cut (his words) "Elmo"). By the way, if PBS spends $.33 to raise $1, that's $.67 they don't need from the state. Is this too hard for the appropriations committee to understand?
PP said…
I checked Koskan's website before I posted.

If I'm mistaken, please post the link.

I don't want to give him the short shrift if it's out there.

PP said…
And while I might disagree with some of what you're saying, Jackie D does "rule!"
Anonymous said…
"Tim Rounds is far superior to John Koskan." Ouch, that hurts. Tim Rounds, the least accomplished of all the Rounds boys, is not a benchmark on which I would want my abilities to be judged.

Of course, I'm anon. So no judging of me.

Koskan is going to loose anyways.
Anonymous said…
...and he is "a crazy, nuclear-powered obsessed, west-river, home-schooler..." (I doubt Frederick would have used "white male" as a derogatory term as he, like most of my GOP brethren are also white males).
Anonymous said…
Where do you come up with the rumors? Randy would not use that kind of line on a fellow R. By the way Koskan will win, because people want the PUC to continue doing a great job. The current PUC team has done more in two years than the previous 40.
Anonymous said…
The Koskan site has been like that since the convention. I sure hope they run their campaign at a pace which is faster than how long it is taking for the website.

We had the right candidate in Bob Sahr, that is if some of the Republicans that are trying to take over this state would not have forced him out!
Anonymous said…
"White male" wasn't used derogatorily. He said it because of the rest of the statewide Republican ticket fit into that category. Hence, why he wanted Carol Pitts as opposed, to say, Jason Glodt.
Anonymous said…
Who the hell is John Koskan?
I agree, as far as I know he has done nothing to get his name out yet. I don't think he has done a thing, except in WOOD SD to get his name out.

I also think......Bob would have been reelected.
The Current PUC with Bob and Dusty have done a great job getting things done.
Anonymous said…
Don't forget Gary!
Anonymous said…
Anon 8:43 They have done more to create old dirty power and raise rates you mean right?
Nothing else has been done except to increase their buget by a million dollars, eventhough they have had a 25% decrease in work load.
Anonymous said…
Larry Diedrich, falsifying his record on taxes again. Claims he was for lowering the SD Death tax. He actually voted against repealing the inheritance tax.

Claims government takes too much money out of our paychecks. Since SD has no income tax, nothing comes directly out of paychecks so he must be talking about taxes in general. If so, when he was in the legislature he didn't believe government takes too much because he voted for the Rounds tax increases of 2003. He even voted for more in tax hikes than the legislature actually approved.

If Diedrich had his way, we'd be paying more taxes than we are - both alive and dead.

his tax hike record as a legislator is online at
Anonymous said…
Is Gant allowed to use the state seal on his website?

He needs to be careful. Tom Hennies was blasted in his city council race for using the state seal in mailings.
Anonymous said…
I don't know where you got your information about Gant- he did not vote to cut PBS in appropriations- he was one of only a few who did not vote for the cut- check your source... It is funny to me that people are willing to type in when there facts are not correct...
Anonymous said…
Jason Gant had a chance to vote on for an ammendment to the appropriation bill that would have restore the funds to SDPTV and voted against it. I don't know what his vote was in committee, but on the floor he was not supportive of public broadcasting until he and the rest of the republicans returned for veto day with a change of heart. sorta like flip floppers.
Notla said…
Anon 1:40 By dirty power did you mean Big Stone II which in their permits they are required to install technically advanced scrubbers on the smokestacks for both I and II so that even though producing twice the megawatts actually be less polution?

Or that the Big Stone II permit requires new transmission lines capable of carrying much more than the capacity of the plant. That allows new wind fields such as the one in the Brookings area to be built because they will now have lines to carry the electricity east, thus promoting windpower.

Even though the PUC can't mandate that cellphone companies build more towers, pressure can be put on them to do just that. Our PUC has done it with the result being much better coverage across the state. But I guess you're right, they haven't done anything.
Anonymous said…
"By the way, Diedrich is a great GUY (and so is his wife)." --EMPHASIS ADDED

Anonymous said…
It's really too bad about Sahr. :( Sob. Sob. I wonder how the investigation is going.
Anonymous said…
anon, 1:33, you know something? Is that you again Gary?
Joel Koskan said…
is now up and running.

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