Bill Napoli to opponent: Bring it

State Senator Bill Napoli takes a moment out of his day to respond to Theresa Spry's comments about his press conference the other day in Friday's Rapid City Journal. Never one to shy from a battle, what's his response? BRING IT ON:
Bring it on

First off, I don't hate anyone! I may dislike some things, and some people, but I don't hate anyone or anything.

Second, how does (Stan) Adelstein intend to rebuild the Republican Party when he continues to alienate Republicans?

Third, how does he plan to rebuild the party? By demanding the so-called extremists get out?

Yes, I'm fed up with the trashing of my Republican Party by these left-wingers like Adelstein, who can't make up his mind what he is. Gee! Am I a Republican or Democrat today?

I've known my opponent Theresa Spry for many years. Before Spry starts screaming about me not addressing the issues of District 35, Spry should have taken the time to attend the three candidate forums this spring. One forum was two blocks from her house, where the issues of District 35 were thoroughly discussed. Strange? I've never seen Spry at any property tax meetings, cracker-barrel, or even in Pierre.

I am proud of my accomplishments and the work I've done for the hard-working people of District 35 and of this state.

It looks like Spry's and Adelstein's negative campaigning is starting early. Bring it on! Besides, Adelstein's campaign money is good economic development.

Rapid City
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Anonymous said…

Do you support Mike Rounds for Governor?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Napoli is sameless.

He will do or say anything to see his name in print.

Can anyone please give me an example of something good he has done for the people of South Dakota.

And please spare me the garage about he stands up of the little, working, abused, neglected, battered, overtaxed citizen.

Those are nothing but sound bites, name a real example.
Anonymous said…
I don't know Bill personally but he is a politician I admire. He has the guts to stand up for what he believes in. Most wimps hide behind proper terms; kick ass and take names Bill.
Anonymous said…
What you see is what you get with Senator Napoli. I much prefer that to a politician who changes positions with every poll and to a politician who tries to be something he isn't.
Anonymous said…
Simply stated, Napoli is a joke. Uneducated high school drop out with a big mouth. Nothing more, nothing less. He will pass into the sunset when he is term limited and never be heard of again. Until then he will continue to amuse and abuse members of the republican party. Soon he will learn the meaning of who's who to who's that. Such is the fate of clowns like him.
Anonymous said…
9:41, He isn't sameless. He's sameful.

The same guy, supporting the same platform, the
same principals and agenda...

that put Republicans in the leadership of Congress.

That gave us genuine welfair reform.

That gave us long term prosperity.

That's getting back our courts.

That gave us the greatest President of our lifetimes...President Ronald Reagan.

Many others are just along for the ride. Bill is there for the duration.

An example, you demand?? other than what you dismiss, that get him reelected term after term.

Here is the latest.....Amendment D.

The Elites and beauracrats are fidgeting and squirming over this change that gives control back to property and home owners.

Yeah, that's right, the little, working, abused, neglected, battered, over taxed citizens. Yep, the citizens that make the economy work.

That's who he wants to promote. Not the fat cat bozos who just want to improve their portfolio at the taxpayers expense. You know the type..."Yes, we got more dollars this year for education."

Yes, you know the type...everytime you look in the mirror.
Anonymous said…
Two things:

1) I don't think anon 9:41 wanted to be spared the "garage", and

2) Mike, I don't think calling him "shameful" is a compliment, although it appeared that you intended it to.
Anonymous said…
First, story is that when the city limits where being redrawn they gerrymandered (sic) around Napoli's residence to keep him out of town. Not sure if true, told me by another city official and that's telling enough for me.

What you see is what you get, no argument. But how is that a virtue? It escapes me.

A pile of dung... it smells like dung, looks like dung, will continue to look and smell like dung. Great, now I get it!
Anonymous said…
You liberals are so jealous of Bill. He represents the constituency you say you are concerned about and fights the fat cat power brokers like Adelstein. Adelstein only represents himself and his ego.

Way to go Bill. You're going to kick Spry's you know what, much to the chagrin of the liberals in your own party. Go for it! Keep them all on the defense.
Anonymous said…

Napoli lives right next to the city dump, which is in the city limits.

If Napoli wants into the city, all he has to do is apply to the city for annexation.

So much for another rumor that was probably started by Napoli himself.

With Napoli, it's always about fighting the big bad govt, and how he is going to save the day.

Well Bill is the big bad Govt., and he is most of the problem.
Anonymous said…
To those defending Napoli,

Can you explain why you are defending someone who acts so condescending to women, as evidenced in his comments about how to define rape?

Anonymous said…
Bill isn't being condescending, he's just doing what he thinks is right. You can disagree with his policies, but please don't state that he is patronizing or condescending to any demographic.

Adelstein, on the other hand, Bill sincerely has a problem with. Bill, please quit kicking Adelstein when he's down. I do enjoy it, but he's history. I know he's a nice whipping boy because of his arrogance, but this public fued should cease. This guy has been defeated--he isn't worth your time. Concentrate on the issues, not his exceptionally self-centered personality.
Anonymous said…
What I was refering to as "condescending" was Napoli's comment about how rape is bad - if the woman in question is a pious Christian virgin.

I suppose that comment itself is a bit of old news, but combine that with his recent statement, where he is essentially saying that he is the decider of who is a true Republican, and that does come off as arrogant - to me anyhow.
Anonymous said…
As a rather strong minded woman, I’ve got to tell you that Bill is probably the least condescending man I know. We have disagreed with each other on occasion, but he has never talked down to me or discounted my opinion because of my gender.

This outspoken Italian who has a proclivity to call a spade a spade is a breath of fresh air in Pierre. I only wish there were more people of both sexes like him.
Anonymous said…
To the last anonymous poster,

I just said that he was consecending both because he defines rape very narrowly, and also because he sets himself up as the sole determiner of who is a "true" Republican.

What do you say to that? I myself thing he shouldn't be talking like that, it's not morally just.
PP said…
Jaxebart -

You seem to be taking things out of context, and I've heard this straight from the horses' mouth.

The wild "definition" that you note that defines rape very narrowly, is not how Bill defines rape. It was a worst case scenario example requested by a national reporter with regards to how hb 1215 does allow for a rape and incest provision.

As I'm told, they took Bill's words out of context as offered them up as being how he supposedly solely defines rape, and it's taken on a life of it's own from there.

And I'm sure that's the last time Bill is going to take questions from the National Media.
Anonymous said…
You are the one being condescending. Do you think as a woman I can’t figure out what Napoli said on my own without buying in to your misguided interpretation?

“What do you say to that? I myself thing he shouldn't be talking like that, it's not morally just.”

I happen to believe that being morally just is allowing an innocent baby to be born alive without having to be carved up in the womb and extracted in pieces without the benefit of anesthesia. What do you say to that?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous (wow, what a creative name),

Sure, that's a good thing.

It's not the government's role to say to a raped woman "Ok, it's all bad that you were raped and all, but first of all, your rapist probably will never get convicted, and second, we're forcing you to give birth. It's OUR, decision. OBEY the government, OR ELSE!
Anonymous said…

Ok, if that won't convince you, what do you say to the fact that this Napoli guy thinks that he is the sole determiner of who is a "true" Republican?

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