Another sign along the road

I had occasion to stop along the road on Highway 14 outside of Pierre after I ran over a claw hammer (who the heck leaves one of those in the middle of the road?).

And as I was checking my tire for what I was sure was going to be a big gash, I pulled my camera out to snap a picture of the only Bryce Healy sign I've noticed between Pierre and Brookings.

It must be a School and Public Lands weekend, as Saturday I also got an invite in the mail to a meet and greet in Brookings for Jarrod Johnson. Unfortunately, I'm in Pierre on August 1, so it's kind of tough to make it back there during the week.


Anonymous said…
heh, it's obvious Healy dropped the hammer there when he put up the sign. I'm sure you'll be returning it to him so he can put up the rest....
Anonymous said…
I liked the 2002 Bryce Healy sign outside of Lower Brule that someone spray painted "*ssh*le" across in huge letters. Never were truer words written--this guy's temper is only exceeded by perhaps his ego (and the curiously large number of "cute" vests he prances around the Capitol in).

Interestingly, the sign was left up until 2005 in that exact state. Guess Healy only shows up on the reservations every four years.

Best of all, we have photos of it. PP, do you allow uploads of photos? Or, is there someone else out there in cyberspace who would like it?

Finally, didn't he get into trouble in 2002 for putting up his signs on School and Public Lands property? Does anyone know that story?
PP said…
Anon, yes you can e-mail stuff to me at

Will I post that picture? Maybe as part of a post on signs being defaced, (I saw a very notable one on my way into town tonight which may warrant driving out tomorrow to take a picture) but not to stick it to him.

No matter on what issues I might disagree with him on (and there are several), I've always found Bryce to be a gentleman, certainly as is the Republican in the race, Jarrod Johnson.
Ben Nesselhuf said…
I don't know what annon 11:26 is talking about. PP is right, Bryce is an absolutely a gentleman. It would be very difficult to find a better person for that job. I don’t know Mr. Johnson, but I don’t think that South Dakotans are going to get rid of Bryce because of some anonymous comments about his character.
Anonymous said…
Bryce will be searching for a new job soon. Couldn't happen to a nicer person.
Anonymous said…
there's no disclaimer on the sign
Anonymous said…
Healy needs to go. His backroom deals at the S&PL office are reminiscent of the backroom stunts that Janklow pulled while in office.
Chico said…
When will Healy come clean about his brother's Minnesota money laundering scheme which was reported in Minnesota last week (but not in South Dakota of course)!?

PP--please explain how this is just a platform for Healy to run for governor in 2010, which you know is true
Anonymous said…
Bob, is that you?

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