The World according to District 28B Representative-Elect Betty Olson

At, they've posted an interview with District 28B Representative Elect Betty Olson who is set to take office in January. It sounds like she's going to be a refreshing breeze of fresh air - and that's unfiltered fresh air.

From Kevin Woster's interview, Betty makes a dramatic point about why she thinks private property rights should be honored:
"I've never been very good at keeping my mouth shut," she said Sunday. "Unfortunately, that means that as soon as things jump into my head, they fly out my mouth."

That's pretty much what happened two years ago during a meeting of a state task force on conflicts between landowners and the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks Department.

A frequent critic of GF&P policies, Olson spoke at several of those meetings, and in one, she tried to explain why she didn't like the idea of state conservation officers entering her property without permission.

You could summarize her argument in two words, really: nude gardening.

"Here I am, out gardening in the buff, and the conservation officer drives in. That violates my rights," Olson said.

You could argue that there's no clear constitutional right to wander around naked in the tomatoes. But Olson says she was aiming at protecting her private-property rights.

"That's just what came out," she said. "I didn't think about it much. But people sure remember it."
Well, it's hard to argue with that. (read it all here) If someone lives 30 miles from the middle of nowhere, and wants to strip down to their skivvies (or less) and garden in a manner to beat the punishing South Dakota heat, I can see why they might object to an uninvited guest.

What does the future hold for Betty as she prepares to take office this next January? Again from Kevin's entertaining article:
The main course starts next January, when Olson gets sworn in as a House member for the 82nd South Dakota legislative session. She's hoping to land a seat on the House Agricultural and Natural Resources Committee, which handles issues important to the farm-and-ranch community, including GF&P affairs.

"I think that would be interesting," Olson said.

Certainly, it will be, for her and especially for GF&P.
(And in the legislature, clothing is not optional.) Go read all of this article. You won't be sorry.

Kevin and Betty - thanks for the laugh. -pp


Betty Olson said…
You're welcome. And thanks to Kevin. He was being gentle.
Anonymous said…
"I've never been very good at keeping my mouth shut," she said Sunday. "Unfortunately, that means that as soon as things jump into my head, they fly out my mouth."

Looks like Lee S. has a soul mate.
Jake Mortenson said…
Advocating property rights and freedom from government coersion without hesitation is truly a refreshing piece of politicking.

And anonymous 8:53 am,

I'll admit I do not know Rep. Olson's views in all areas, but I think tieing her to the holier-than-thou moral paternalism of Lee Schoenbeck is an unfair insult for a woman who was just quoted as wanting to LIMIT government intrusion in peoples' privacy.
Jake Mortenson said…
That being said, her firm position on HB1215 does suggest an allegiance to at least one of Schoenbeck's strongest held positions.

Let's just hope she cares more about proprety rights than other women's pregnancies.

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